Six Possible Party Themes for your Autumn Event

Digging through the Tea Party Girl archives I found this great article from our founder, Jenny Wells.

Take a peek and get inspired!


Autumn is notoriously a busy time. Maybe we feel we need to make up for summer slothfulness, or something. We prep for the holidays, plan retreats and seminars, play sports (soccer moms, anyone?), try to tackle house projects before the winter comes, and teach our children well. So, my criteria for a fall (so sorry, I mean AUTUMN) event is that everyone can help and we need to keep it simple.

I modified this list with some help from the following list from some of my favorite party planning books, including:

  1. Bless This Food:Four Seasons of Menus, Recipes, and Table Graces
  2. Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions:Reviving Victorian Family Celebrations of Comfort and Joy
  3. The Family Manager Takes Charge: Getting on the Fast Track to a Happy, Organized Home
  • Parisian Art Night-I learned November 14th is Claude Monet’s birthday. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can learn about French Impressionism and share a favorite painting. I would ask everyone to bring a French-related food (everyone’s at least heard of Brie, right?), download music from composers of the era, and buy a few bottles of Champagne from my favorite discount store, Trader Joe’s
  • Everyone’s Birthday-Instead of another gift exchange and dessert at the holidays, I would choose a night for “us” (whomever your group might be) for an Everyone’s Birthday night. Everyone brings a decent gift (set a price limit) wrapped. Depending on the size of the group, look for bakers or purchase a few fancy cakes. Serve coffee, tea, and maybe even port (yum!) and celebrate everyone at once.
  • Advent-Do the holidays stress you out? Does Christmas mean a lot of responsibility? How about an Advent party to prepare? I will host mine on November 30th. For my social group, we do a project together that helps us feel more prepared (i.e. address Christmas cards, make an Advent wreath, etc.) and watch a holiday movie to help get us in the mood.
  • Harvest-A common Autumn theme, I like to plan mine outside when the weather is first changing. Invite everyone to wear their favorite sweater and find a patio with a fire-pit. Light lanterns or another adult version of jack-0-lanterns and celebrate life’s fullness. If you can get everyone organized, this is a great theme for a book, clothing, or other exchange where you can share your abundance in some way with others.
  • Friendly Competition-This is a theme that women might wrinkle their noses at, but enjoy once the ball gets rolling (no pun intended). We’re great at sitting, gabbing, and eating, but consider a night of friendly competition over ping-pong, pool, fooz-ball, etc., with a tournament tree and all. Only finger-food eaten out of a napkin allowed.
  • Pasta Potluck-Carb-lovers, unite! Make a ton of pasta and ask people to bring their favorite sauce. Serve garlic bread, wine, and maybe a salad. Enjoy the insulin rush together.


Of course, all of the above parties need to include tea, if for no other reason than to invite this wonderful beverage who has been often discriminated against in the past.

What autumn event will you plan or attend?

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  1. Marianne says:

    I’ve tagged you for the Nice Matters Award!

  2. miss janice says:

    Love your site–very informative! Great job…keep up the good work…:)
    Miss Janice

  3. Those are lovely ideas.

  4. Thanks so much, Marianne! I find it ironic that the adjective “nice” is circling us bloggers right now and I’m receiving it. I don’t think I’ve ever been described as “nice” in my life! I love the blogging world ;-) !

  5. doodah says:

    I really like the idea of doing an “abundance exchange” to celebrate AUTUMN. :D

  6. Sheila says:

    We like to have a little tea party on the Saturday after Thanksgiving using it as a time to do some Christmas present wrapping taking care of all the wonderful deals we made on Black Friday! It’s a great time to make turkey tea sandwiches with leftovers, and of course a nice pot of tea!


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