tea smoothie recipe

Tea Smoothies can provide a healthful start to your day.  Tea smoothies are rich in vitamins, antioxidents and minerals.  Tea smoothies can also be low in calories and if you plan ahead, they can be quick and easy on a busy morning. 

Here are some keys when attempting to make tea smoothies on a regular basis.

1. Always keep lots of frozen fruit on hand.  I suggest: Strawberries, Peaches, Blueberries and Mangos (at the least)  These fruits taste fantastic in a tea smoothie (or just about any smoothie)

2. Take your left over tea, let it cool and pour it into ice trays.  Green and black tea can make great ice to be used in smoothies or iced tea.

3. Always carry so low fat vanilla yogurt.  I personally like Dannon Lite and Fit.  If you don’t want to use yogurt you don’t have to.  It will however give you a smooth texture that is often associated with a rich tea smoothie.

Do This:

Mix 1 cup of fruit (your choice)

1 cup of iced tea or 5 iced tea cubes

1/2 to 1 cup of vanilla yogurt

Water or Soy as needed


Mix and match according to your whim.  Green tea with berries one day and black tea with peaches the next.  Add honey, stevia or agave to your smoothie.  Blend on the smoothie setting and enjoy!



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