A Midsummer’s Night Tea Party

Midsummer Tea Party



Midsummers Night Tea Party

On Midsummer’s Night, weird and wonderful things can happen. An ordinary garden can open doors into nature’s mysteries at night. Invite your guests to wear at least one piece of clothing they don’t usually wear—something too fancy or unusual for everyday life. Send out invitations with a hint of strangeness: an iridescent ribbon or a few bits of glitter inside the card. The party will start at sundown or later.

Decorations are essential to set the stage for Midsummer’s Night magic. You’ll need tiny lights—Christmas lights strung around the garden, citronella candles to discourage mosquitoes and scent the air, and little tea candles floating in glass bowls filled with water. Place smooth stones in the bottom of the bowls so they can’t tip over.

Hang small shiny things around the garden to reflect the candlelight, another chance to use your Christmas decorations in July. Scatter them widely—a strand of tinsel here, a crystal icicle six feet away in a hedge. The effect should be like fireflies suddenly appearing as the candle flames shift. If you need to mark paths to and from the house, or to a fragrant patch of night-blooming flowers, tie tinsel or reflective streamers to stakes lining the paths.

Plant a CD player underneath a tree, loaded with an exotic soundtrack: a recording of natural sounds from a rainforest or bird sanctuary, or New Age music on Indonesian gamelan, Tibetan bowls, or Japanese flutes. If you have wind chimes, hang them a little distance from your guests, adding random bells to the night.


Use a lightweight sheet as a tablecloth, weighted down at the edges with flat stones. Sheer scarves make elegant runners, especially with long fringe hanging over the edge of the table to catch the breeze. Use any tableware that has a trace of a shine: silver, brass, glass, or glazed porcelain. Tie metallic gauze ribbons around rolled napkins, and finish the table setting with a light sprinkling of silver glitter.

Inexpensive paper fans can keep guests cool on a hot night, and they make attractive party favors. Tie gauze ribbon bows around them to match the napkin rolls. Decorate the table with the sweetest-smelling herbs and flowers you can find: scents have a stronger impact in the dark.

For a centerpiece, mix a spicy tea punch, adding wine or vodka if you choose. Float thin slices of orange, kiwi, and lemon in the punch bowl. Include an element of surprise in a few of the dishes on the menu: curried chicken spread for an innocent finger sandwich, mini muffins with a dab of sweet preserves deep inside, or an assortment of chocolates with mystery fillings.

Make sure that everything on the menu is easy to eat in the dark:
Teas: jasmine, mint, hibiscus, and berry with sugar, honey, and lemon as desired
Curried chicken finger sandwiches
Wheat toast points with herbed mustard butter

Mini muffins with preserved fillings
Melon slices in a bed of shaved ice
Frozen green grapes
Filled chocolates


Famous Quotes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

William Shakespeare quotes / quotations from A Midsummer Night’s Dream Select your favorite quote…


“The course of true love never did run smooth”. Quote (Act I, Scene I).

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”. Quote (Act I, Scene I)

“That would hang us, every mother’s son.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quote. Act i. Scene.2

“I ’ll put a girdle round about the earth In forty minutes.” Quote Act ii. Scene. 1

“My heart Is true as steel.”  A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quote. Act ii. Scene. 1.

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine. ”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quote. Act ii. Scene.1

“The true beginning of our end. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quote. Act v. Scene.1 .





Teas and Faeries – Creating a Magical Tea Party


Somehow, teas and faeries just seem to go together, so why not host a whimsical tea party based on a fairy theme?


Kids of all ages will love this type of party, and it gives everyone a chance to sample some wonderful floral teas that they may not drink on a regular basis. You can create a magical party with a lot of imagination, and who knows?


Maybe the fairies will make an appearance!



Depending on the age of guests, you can have a wide range of activities available if so desired. Many arts and crafts activities are fun for kids of all ages. Make wands, create fairy sun catchers (low cost kits can be purchased at craft stores), or even read fairy tales. Guests may also enjoy creating or painting fairy figurines.

If there is a fairy expert in your area or an artist who specializes in fairies and fantasy, ask that person to be a guest speaker. When you start asking around, you may be surprised at how many fairy fans there are! Get creative in the room by making a fairy ring so your guests can step inside and make wishes.

Or think of ways you can make fairy dust, such as mixing colored sands (available at most craft stores). You can also go on a fairy hunt, either inside or out; whether or not you choose to hide fairy figurines or hope to find the “real thing” is up to you!


Fairy decorations are abundant; the hard part is choosing. There are many low-cost fairy themed party packs or supplies sold through party stores or online. Purchase lightweight and whimsical fabric to drape around the room, creating an “airy” feel.

Use pastels to create a fairy mood. You can also purchase shiny cutouts such as stars to spread around the tables and floors. If you’re in the mood, purchase or make wings for your guests to wear, or as the host, you can dress as a fairy yourself.

Any type of whimsical garden and nature theme will work as well. Create tree and flower decorations or purchase flowers to decorate the tables. Let your imagination go wild!



At a loss for what music will set the mood? Think classical and airy, such as harps or “new age” music. For fairy-specific music, ask your local retailer. Some ideas are Fairy Nightsongs by Singh Kaur and Gary Stadler, The Fairy Ring Suite, by Mike Rowland, Victorian Fairy Harp Music by Elizabeth Jane Baldry, and Come, Gentle Night by Music of Shakespeare’s World/Galilei.


Invitation Ideas

You can purchase fairy-inspired invitations at a party shop, online, or make your own. To capture the colors and theme, look into the wide range of specialty papers available through local retailers. Many copy stores offer a broad selection. Create a nice invitation using colored tissue paper cut and place over regular paper.

Take advantage of you computer graphics as well to create unique invitations for your party. If you choose to use glittery cutouts for decorations, you can also include some in the invitations–just remember that while some people will find this fanciful, others may be annoyed if many small pieces fall out.



Think small and dainty! Finger sandwiches are a perfect choice for a faerie party and a good compliment for tea. Small cookies and deserts are also a good choice, and you can decorate them to match the theme. Fruits, nuts, and cheeses are also an excellent choice. Faeries don’t like salt, so avoid these types of foods.



What types of teas are best for a faerie party?  Those with a floral flavor such as Bloomsbury Afternoon available through www.Gilly.com or Lychee tea, which is a smooth China black tea blended with the nectar of the lychee fruit, available through www.TeaSource.com.