7 Tea Inspired Holiday Themes

Nov 27, 2013 by

Need a new Christmas tea party idea?  Here are my top 7 favorite Christmas tea party concepts.  Read them, pick one and then DO IT!  We would love to see photos so be ready to share them with our readers.  Tea and Trimmings The Tea and Trimmings theme is designed for your immediate family and/ or close friends.  Tea and Trimmings sets the stage for your holiday celebration to begin. Concept:  Family, decorate house, fill house with music and tea. IDEAS: Send invites to family whether it is in the mail or under the door Trimming the tree- could include finding, cutting or buying or ornament decorating Tell story of Christmas or Holiday traditions over a 3 course meal. Stringing popcorn or making a paper chain. Give a special holiday ornament to remember your...

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Tea Parties for Grown Ups

Dec 5, 2011 by

  Adults, just as much as children, enjoy a tea party that celebrates any sort of occasion. Serving loose leaf tea is a healthy alternative to any  party option, and with the wide range of teas available, you can incorporate any theme or celebrate any occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries or other events, tea is a fun, unique, and easy way to create a party. Use the event (is it a birthday or anniversary?) to determine the best types of tea to serve or, consider hosting a themed party. A theme can be based on anything from a book character to the time of year. Your party can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Just use your imagination, because you are sure to find a tea that is perfect for the occasion!...

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Hunter’s Widow Tea Party

Nov 14, 2011 by

  This party is for women who love men who love to go hunting.  Let the men go sit in the chilly woods getting their boots muddy. Fall hunting season is a perfect time to gather together indoors for hot drinks, warm scones, and girl talk at a cozy tea party.  A few days before sending out invitations, press and dry vivid autumn leaves in a telephone book, so you can include one in each envelope.  Ask the guests to bring a photo or a recipe from past hunting seasons—these will inspire stories to share during the party. Encourage them to also bring their prize homemade jelly or preserves for a tasting. When they arrive, give out handwritten place cards with a space for the guest to fill in her name and the name...

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