7 Tea Inspired Holiday Themes


Need a new Christmas tea party idea?  Here are my top 7 favorite Christmas tea party concepts.  Read them, pick one and then DO IT!  We would love to see photos so be ready to share them with our readers.  :)

Tea and Trimmings

The Tea and Trimmings theme is designed for your immediate family and/ or close friends.  Tea and Trimmings sets the stage for your holiday celebration to begin.

Concept:  Family, decorate house, fill house with music and tea.


  1. Send invites to family whether it is in the mail or under the door
  2. Trimming the tree- could include finding, cutting or buying or ornament decorating
  3. Tell story of Christmas or Holiday traditions over a 3 course meal.
  4. Stringing popcorn or making a paper chain.
  5. Give a special holiday ornament to remember your day.



Solace Tea

A Solace Tea is the perfect juncture between Christmas and New Years.  This theme is designed as a solitary tea or a tea for one or two close friends or your spouse.  A Solace Tea is a tea of reflection and new beginnings.

Concept:  Meditation, reflection, goals re-visited.


  1. Perfect for quiet evening or afternoon-find a special place in home
  2. Set table for 1 of 2 –candles, beautiful items rarely used, fireplace, set mood.
  3. Small gift for guest and yourself for Christmas 2011
  4. Spend time journaling, praying, talking heart to heart-Book of Questions
  5. Bring the tea to elderly friend or new mom- pack tea basket.



Open House Tea

An Open House Tea is the perfect way to enjoy your friends during a season of busy schedules.

Concept:  Drop in 11-5 or 2-7.  3 courses-substantial.  Come in from the holiday shopping.  Only 10-30 members.


  1. Give special Xmas card to guests.  Personal message.
  2. Conversation cards- draw one from a stocking:  My Christmas Wish,  In 2012 I hope to …..
  3. Decorate living room with pillows as packages- baskets of fruit with ribbons
  4. Picture of guest with you by the tree- put on a card holder
  5. Fill coffee table with food or entrance table



Victorian Christmas Card Tea

Start a new holiday tradition with a Victorian Christmas Card Tea.  Enjoy your friends and accomplish a task at the same time!



  1. Decorate dining chairs with ribbons, bows, organza, veiling
  2. Fill table with supplies
  3. Provide cards and stamps?  Guests bring 15 addresses
  4. Can be a pot luck tea party
  5. Buffet is best- Christmas boxes for levels.



The Gift of Tea

Forget about the cookie exchange or white elephant gifts!  Start a tea cup trade!  Your friends will look forward to it each and every year!

Concept:  1 ½ hour tops.  Can be dessert only.


  1. Bring a teacup wrapped
  2. Conversation cards relating to holidays and holiday traditions, goals, memories
  3. Plan and extra cup or two just in case
  4. Draw numbers to choose packages
  5. Have giver tell story of cup.  Write on a card and pass out to recipient.


Twinkling Tea

A Twinkling Tea is a perfect way to celebrate New Years or Christmas Eve in style.  A Twinkling Tea combines the formality of afternoon tea with the sights and sounds of the holidays.

Concept:  Formal


  1. Dress Up – Hold at table or living room
  2. Candlelight, twinkle lights and dim lights
  3. 4 tea sandwiches, scone, holiday breads, mini desserts (tarts,etc.)
  4. Sparkling cider and champagne??  Toasts to the future and past
  5. Conversation and games – Traditional parlor games??  OR Trivia Pursuit past 20

Tea Parties for Grown Ups



Adults, just as much as children, enjoy a tea party that celebrates any sort of occasion. Serving loose leaf tea is a healthy alternative to any  party option, and with the wide range of teas available, you can incorporate any theme or celebrate any occasion.

From birthdays to anniversaries or other events, tea is a fun, unique, and easy way to create a party.

Use the event (is it a birthday or anniversary?) to determine the best types of tea to serve or, consider hosting a themed party. A theme can be based on anything from a book character to the time of year.

Your party can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Just use your imagination, because you are sure to find a tea that is perfect for the occasion!




Depending on the celebration, activities may range from traditional to unusual or even none at all! In the fast-paced world we live in, many adults will welcome the chance to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea and good conversation. Sometimes people need a reason to relax, and a tea party can be just that.

However, if you want to incorporate activities, these can easily be based on the reason for the gathering. Consult with your local party supply store or do a quick search online.

You can incorporate a “tea twist” on many common games, for example. Bridal and baby shower games can include a tea theme (such as word scrambles or searches), and tea gifts make wonderful party favors for your attendees.

Package loose teas in festive netting and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.

Love bingo?  Try Teago and let your guests learn about tea and its customs while competing in a familiar game.  (www.teago.com)




Decorations will depend on the activity, such as a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower. Create a theme for the party, such as a vacation getaway for an anniversary.

Decorate the room with beach balls, beach towels, and have guests sit in outdoor lounge chairs (or if the weather is nice, take the party outside!). A “famous babies” theme for a baby shower is much more interesting than decorations that are all green and yellow.

Try filling the room with photos of actors who got their start in “pampers.”  The key is to put a twist on your party, and then, of course, offer a twist on the tea you serve such as a fruity tea for the beach party or bubble tea for a baby shower.




Music selections for your parties can vary greatly. To make it easy on yourself, look for compilation CDs that incorporate the theme.

A CD of soft love songs is a great choice for an anniversary, for example, or an orchestrated mix of lullabies for a baby shower.

Visit your local music retailer for specific suggestions, or do an online search for CDs that pertain to your theme.



Invitation Ideas


Use your theme to determine the types of invitations you will use. Get creative and make your own using specialty papers, or throw in a few loose tealeaves for a scented and enticing invitation (although some people may not appreciate tea leaves falling out, so consider some type of mesh envelope!).

Because you’ll be centering your party on tea, think of using naturally colored invitations and alternative papers.

A traditional birthday invitation may not be quite what you’re looking for, so look into blank cards as well, as you can then add your own words.




What should you serve at a tea party? Again, your theme will have a lot to do with the food selections. If your theme is an anniversary beach party, for example, serve exotic fruits and finger sandwiches.

If you are hosting a famous baby tea try collecting and serving favorite recipes of the stars then let your guests vote on the best appetizer.




Many parties lend themselves well to lighthearted and fruity teas and tisanes. Consider offering teas that your guests may not encounter otherwise.

This is a fun way to introduce new teas and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Creativity is a fountain of youth.  Now grab a pencil, jot down your ideas and get started.


Tea Party Girl Asks: What’s your favorite tea party occasion?

Hunter’s Widow Tea Party

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea


This party is for women who love men who love to go hunting.  Let the men go sit in the chilly woods getting their boots muddy. Fall hunting season is a perfect time to gather together indoors for hot drinks, warm scones, and girl talk at a cozy tea party.

 A few days before sending out invitations, press and dry vivid autumn leaves in a telephone book, so you can include one in each envelope.  Ask the guests to bring a photo or a recipe from past hunting seasons—these will inspire stories to share during the party.

Encourage them to also bring their prize homemade jelly or preserves for a tasting. When they arrive, give out handwritten place cards with a space for the guest to fill in her name and the name of the spread she has contributed to the tasting.

(If your guests aren’t the jelly making type then you can provide a variety of spreads that can be tasted and then draw names to see who “might” have made that spread.  -For instance,  “ Sue Daley, thanks for making the lemon curd that we are tasting here today.  What?  You don’t even remember doing it? Wow, very impressive. Well. We are just going to call this one’s Sue’s Lemon Curd.”)

Bring the colors of the season inside with a tall vase of chrysanthemums or asters in vivid shades of deep yellow, burnt orange, and dark red. Use table linens in these colors, and strew a few matching cushions around the sofa and chairs. Layer a dark plaid blanket under a smaller tablecloth for a warm, welcoming look.

Pile a wooden bowl with gleaming apples, and hollow out a few baby pumpkins to fill with nuts (still in their shells) or more flowers. Scatter autumn leaves on the table, and light candles with warm, spicy scents. Fill the room with the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger by simmering a potpourri on a chafing dish. Covering the windows with sheer yellow muslin or cheesecloth will give a golden tint to the afternoon sunlight.

Play soft classical music in the background: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, or anything by Bach. Country ballads or English madrigals are also good choices for a cold afternoon.

Keep the refreshments simple: The first course will be finger sandwiches with thinly sliced meats, to take the edge off hunger. But let the guests know they should save room for the afternoon tasting of homemade spreads. Offer a few kinds of rolls, bread, crackers or scones to show off their creations, but keep them simple so the guests’ contributions take center stage. Provide honey, maple syrup, butter, and a few jams to round out their choices.

Have a camera on hand to take photos of each woman with her favorite treat, and send the pictures home with each guest as a “trophy” of her afternoon.

Menu Suggestions:

  • Chai tea or other spiced tea
  • Hot apple cider
  • Roast beef with horse radish on rye bread
  • Ham or turkey on thinly sliced french bread
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Miniature bran muffins
  • English tea crackers
  • Butter scones
  • Drop biscuits
  • Toasted raisin bread


Management Suggestions:

Keep this event simple and break the ice at the table by having everyone share their recipes and then tell their favorite “husband’s gone hunting” story.

 Pamper your guests and make them glad they are warm and cozy while “the man” is freezing in the wilderness. (you might even tell some fun hunting jokes from a joke book.)

 Increase your bottom line by offering special “spa” baskets for sale.  These tea related spa packages may be perfect for the “woman who was left behind!”


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