7 Tea Inspired Holiday Themes


Need a new Christmas tea party idea?  Here are my top 7 favorite Christmas tea party concepts.  Read them, pick one and then DO IT!  We would love to see photos so be ready to share them with our readers.  :)

Tea and Trimmings

The Tea and Trimmings theme is designed for your immediate family and/ or close friends.  Tea and Trimmings sets the stage for your holiday celebration to begin.

Concept:  Family, decorate house, fill house with music and tea.


  1. Send invites to family whether it is in the mail or under the door
  2. Trimming the tree- could include finding, cutting or buying or ornament decorating
  3. Tell story of Christmas or Holiday traditions over a 3 course meal.
  4. Stringing popcorn or making a paper chain.
  5. Give a special holiday ornament to remember your day.



Solace Tea

A Solace Tea is the perfect juncture between Christmas and New Years.  This theme is designed as a solitary tea or a tea for one or two close friends or your spouse.  A Solace Tea is a tea of reflection and new beginnings.

Concept:  Meditation, reflection, goals re-visited.


  1. Perfect for quiet evening or afternoon-find a special place in home
  2. Set table for 1 of 2 –candles, beautiful items rarely used, fireplace, set mood.
  3. Small gift for guest and yourself for Christmas 2011
  4. Spend time journaling, praying, talking heart to heart-Book of Questions
  5. Bring the tea to elderly friend or new mom- pack tea basket.



Open House Tea

An Open House Tea is the perfect way to enjoy your friends during a season of busy schedules.

Concept:  Drop in 11-5 or 2-7.  3 courses-substantial.  Come in from the holiday shopping.  Only 10-30 members.


  1. Give special Xmas card to guests.  Personal message.
  2. Conversation cards- draw one from a stocking:  My Christmas Wish,  In 2012 I hope to …..
  3. Decorate living room with pillows as packages- baskets of fruit with ribbons
  4. Picture of guest with you by the tree- put on a card holder
  5. Fill coffee table with food or entrance table



Victorian Christmas Card Tea

Start a new holiday tradition with a Victorian Christmas Card Tea.  Enjoy your friends and accomplish a task at the same time!



  1. Decorate dining chairs with ribbons, bows, organza, veiling
  2. Fill table with supplies
  3. Provide cards and stamps?  Guests bring 15 addresses
  4. Can be a pot luck tea party
  5. Buffet is best- Christmas boxes for levels.



The Gift of Tea

Forget about the cookie exchange or white elephant gifts!  Start a tea cup trade!  Your friends will look forward to it each and every year!

Concept:  1 ½ hour tops.  Can be dessert only.


  1. Bring a teacup wrapped
  2. Conversation cards relating to holidays and holiday traditions, goals, memories
  3. Plan and extra cup or two just in case
  4. Draw numbers to choose packages
  5. Have giver tell story of cup.  Write on a card and pass out to recipient.


Twinkling Tea

A Twinkling Tea is a perfect way to celebrate New Years or Christmas Eve in style.  A Twinkling Tea combines the formality of afternoon tea with the sights and sounds of the holidays.

Concept:  Formal


  1. Dress Up – Hold at table or living room
  2. Candlelight, twinkle lights and dim lights
  3. 4 tea sandwiches, scone, holiday breads, mini desserts (tarts,etc.)
  4. Sparkling cider and champagne??  Toasts to the future and past
  5. Conversation and games – Traditional parlor games??  OR Trivia Pursuit past 20

How To Make A Tea Party Dessert Stand – Quick, Easy and Cheap

dessert stands for tea


On a recent survey, I asked Tea Party Girl readers what they would like to read about.  One of the requests was tablescapes and new table setting ideas.  Great!

I poured myself a cup of Ceylon tea and began to comb the internet for simple yet fun ways to make your tea table stand out at little or no cost.  Here are the results:


Is your budget tight and yet you want to create a beautiful tea table?  Here is a great idea from Centsational Girl blog.  I have done this one myself and LOVED it.   Visit http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2011/03/diy-colorful-dessert-stands/

For full instructions, photos and inspiration.  You are going to impress your friends.


Do you have a dollar store nearby?  If so, this is an inspirational project that you can easily do to create an awesome modern or Victorian tea table.  Here are some incredible instructions that have lots of fresh ideas.




Do you love cupcakes?  Why not add cupcake displays to your tea table presentation.  Here is a great way to do just that and you can get your kids or guests involved with the project.




Last but not least, why not make a clear glass tiered cake stand.  This ideas is simple, affordable and can be oh so lovely on your tea table.


The Guide to Planning a Tea Party–Spring Edition

Perfect Favors for Your Next Themed Tea Party

Is Tea too much Work?

Tea Party Girl asks:  What other creative ways can you decorate your tea table?

Do You Feel Like a Bull in a China Shop?

  1. Are you at ease with human-made items of beauty?



I recently heard a story about a woman with her future groom registering for their wedding. They exclaimed over the price of a stainless steel flatware place setting to the salesperson.

“Forty-four dollars? How many people can eat with this setting?”


“One!?” And they walked away shaking their heads.

Now, I am sure there were a number of facets involved in their decision. And my point in telling this story is not to debate purchasing items for your tabletop when world hunger is not yet solved or child labor is used for imported American goods.

I also know a home is not built on what one possesses.

But I tell the story because my heart was saddened that they held no vision for the value of gathering beautiful items. After all, why purchase less of quality (or ask your friends to) when one can buy enough to overfill the silverware drawer for the same price?

Why indeed?

Here are four reasons Tea Party Girl suggests choosing quality over quantity when it comes to gathering items for dressing your table:

  • Price is often connected to artistry. Who made the item? Is it stamped “Made in China” or from a company steeped in family tradition and artistry? I suggest it is worth owning one of the latter (and better for the environment on so many levels) than clutter from the former.

  • Items that are well-made and taken care of help build your family’s history. When I set a table for tea, I can choose from the cups given to me of my great-aunt, my husband’s great-aunt, my husband’s grandmothers, and my grandmother. My children hear the stories of the women behind these cups. We eat off the plates chosen for our wedding. We only own six, but they add to the history of our family the well-set table represents. And when the heartbreaking day comes when my mother passes away, she will leave me items that will add to the table, tangible memories of her style and the many meals she prepared and served us over the years.
  • Beautiful items can bless YOU. How much emotional investment do you place on the kitchen item you picked up at your local Big Box store? Probably not a lot. And many items in our homes are used for utilitarian purposes. Why NOT pick-up the inexpensive option? But what if we took the time to learn what we love and use our purchasing choices to build an expression of our unique creativity; slowly gather the items for our homes that communicate beauty to us? This can be difficult to do with the options at Stuff-Mart. Thankfully, thrift stores and eBay allow some of us to make our choices at more reasonable prices. It takes more time often to find what you want, but how rewarding once you do! In other words, don’t always be blinded by the price of something so you ultimately reject its possible value. Ask questions, find out why something costs what it does, and be open to learning something new.

Are you inspired to gather items for a beautifully set table? Need more information? Here are a few books I recommend to add to your library for reference:

Bon Appetit!