Dawnya Sasse former Tea Party Girl

Dawnya Sasse

Tea has changed my life. It’s true.

When I began to practice a lifestyle of tea, I literally bloomed like an oolong leaf releasing it’s liquor.

Here are the top lessons that revolutionized my life.


#1 You Can Pursue Your Passion AND Make Money

For a long time, I thought it was either one way or the other. You either make money or you love what you do. When I began to research the tea business I found a great fit between something I enjoyed and something that could pay my bills. This was a huge lightbulb moment for me.


#2 Tea Takes Time To Steep and So Do I

Learning to brew loose leaf tea taught me to be patient. Quality is always worth the wait.


#3 Pouring Tea For Others Brings Me Joy

It’s easy to be self -centered when there is always something keeping me busy. When I discovered tea, I learned how to give the gift of hospitality. I discovered I could give in person (in my tea business) or in my home or even online (with a virtual cup of tea). Giving to others brings them joy and that fills MY CUP.


#4 Quality Leaves Are Worth The Investment And So Am I

Before I knew anything about tea, I thought grocery store bagged tea was the best.

Then one day I tasted full leaf tea. WOW! It was SO worth the investment.

It was good for my body and my mind. I was hooked. Suddenly, I discovered I too was worth investing in.

What was I waiting for? It was time to start getting the training and the skills I needed to build a true tea business.

I wanted to pursue my passion. I was worth it and I wanted to be better than a store bought grocery tea.

I wanted my tea business to be qualiTEA.


#5 A Cracked Pot Adds Character To The Shelf

Ok, so I am not really a crack pot (smile) but I am a person who has flaws. For years I focused on the things I was unable to do just right.

One day, a friend said , “Only you know what it is supposed to be like.  They don’t.  Learn to give it your best and they will love it.”

WOW! This was huge.

I discovered that you can put a cracked pot on a shelf and as long as you don’t point out it’s weakness, people don’t notice.


I didn’t have to be perfect at everything to own a tea business. I just had to focus on what I was good at. ( What a relief!)


As you can see, tea, the tea lifestyle and the tea business have changed my life.

Since 1997, I have been working with a special group of people all over the world that share one passion, they dream of owning a tea business.

Is that you?

If any of these 5 lessons touch your heart, I encourage you to CLICK HERE and watch my Complimentary (that’s NO COST TO YOU!) webinar entitled, “Discover How to Start A Tea Business With Or Without A Location.”

I created it especially for you!

~ Dawnya

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