Dawnya Sasse, The Tea Party Girl

  Over the years I have been pretty open and honest about my life and especially my tea story. Those of you who have followed me online have seen everything from pictures of my swollen feet (after the World Tea Expo) to my kitchen and favorite Kitchen Aid mixer. (which I wouldn’t want to go without.)

But I have been challenged to list 5 things that few people know about me so here we go:


1. Popcorn, macaroni and cheese (Kraft!) and hot buttered toast are the three foods I would hate to live without. It’s not like I eat them every day (well, I eat buttered toast with tea nearly every morning.) but I would hate to not be able to eat them if I wanted to. I am not really sure why these three foods stand out in my mind but I can definitely say that they were part of my growing up years. My sister and I love all three items to this day.



2. I am a proud Star Wars fan. I have seen Star Wars over 30 times and often quote lines from the pre-quels and sequels. I also love the Muppets and the 80’s TV show Remington Steele. Don’t tell me television and movies don’t affect children. These programs influenced my style, humor and spiritual insight for life! (scary isn’t it?)



3. My “flash back” music of choice would be Air Supply. Every song they did seemed to fuse with a distinct memory for me. Another strange musical quirk is my unusual ability to recite words from most songs between the 60s- early 90s including commercials and TV shows. (weird what sticks in my brain!)



4. My favorite thing to do in London is sit on the bridge and stare at Big Ben at night. I love to watch the clock turn 8 or 9 pm and hear the bong, bong, bong. I breathe deeply in and out and sigh. I like to call London my home and America my country. On a side note, one of my first cups of tea in England was drunk out of a tall, pink, plastic, Tupperware glass. I remember hoping it didn’t melt. Luckily for me Tupperware never dies!



 5. When email first became popular I actually said aloud “Who needs email?” My past experience with computers included my B in 8th grade computer science. (the only computer class I have ever taken) The teacher told me not to worry about class, as I would never be the type of person that used a computer. (wouldn’t I like to see his face now J )  Today I average 100 plus emails a day.


 Ok, so now you have it. You know far too much about me and I know so very little about you. The good thing is we share a passion for tea and that is enough to make us friends. If I haven’t said it enough, thanks for reading this blog.