Hosting a little girl’s birthday party can be a big chore with alot of decisions. This article will give you a quick and easy guide to hosting a birthday tea party in 7 simple steps. If you follow the directions you are sure to give a party your friends, family and little one will remember for years to come.


Step #1 – Choose a Theme and Order Supplies

The easiest theme for a girls tea party is princess. There are many great party sets designed for this theme which makes it quick and easy to order all the paper supplies you will need. Here’s what you should order:

Paper Plates

Center Piece

Guest Gifts – such as beads, tiara’s. fans or rings (and a cute bag to put them in)

Cupcake Tiered Tray (unless you have one)


Plastic Silverware (silver or gold is best)


Step #2 – Gather Tea Supplies

Beg, borrow or steal a real teacup for each girl in attendance. You will also need cloth napkins and a real tablecloth. If you can find napkin rings, bows for the chairs and netting, all the better. I suggest serving both the lemonade and the tea from tea pots. You will need 2 teapots to pour from.


Step #3- Plan the Menu and Get Groceries

I suggest the following menu or little girls birthday tea parties.


Peanut Butter Tea Sandwiches (cut in shapes)

Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwich (cut in shapes)

Jam and Butter Tea Sandwich (cut in shapes)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Grapes and Cherries

Chocolate Chip Scones (get the mix from Target!)

Princess Cupcakes

Lemonade or Strawberry Kiwi Tea


All of these recipes can be looked up online. I find that children really like fresh fruit so I try to place them all over the decorative three tiered tray around the cupcakes and other treats. If you have a child who is allergic to peanuts just substitute with a different tea sandwich like turkey and cheese.

Be sure to pick up cute cupcake wrappers and sparkles for the cupcake frosting. You will also want 1 candle for the birthday girls mini cake.


#4 Send Invitations with Regrets Only

On your invitation be sure to ask the young ladies to come dressed in their “princess best.” Plan just 1 1/2 hours for the party and be sure to state when the girls can be dropped off and picked up. This is NOT an adult party and you want to avoid additional guests. Plan to host the event and have up to 2 helpers and no more.

Make sure to ask for a firm confirmation by 3 days before the party. This will allow you to prepare the right amount of food and set the table with a name card for each girl.


#5 Plan Activities

I suggest the following activities: Simple Craft (like making fans),Short Book,Fashion Walk to Music, Photo Shoot (pictures can go home with the girls as a favor). You might also consider starting your event by teaching a short etiquette lesson on manners at the table and how to sip tea.

Be sure to allow 30 minutes for the tea party itself and the opening of gifts. The key is to keep it moving. Plan out each activity and how long you will allow it to go on before moving to the next activity. (no more than 10 minutes is usually best.)


#6 Set the Table & Make the Food

If you can, set the table the night before. Put on some relaxing music and have fun with it. Don’t try to do it while your kids are up. Do it when you have time to focus and enjoy yourself.

If you need creative ideas for setting a table take some time to Google it. There are many great ideas on YouTube that will help spark your imagination.


#7 Meet, Greet & Keep It Moving

Your last step is making sure YOUR little princess knows her responsibilities as hostess. She is responsible to stand at the door and meet her guests. SHE is responsible to be polite and to be an example to the other little girls on how to listen and follow instructions. She is also responsible to stand at the door and thank each guest. If you need to, practice BEFORE they arrive.

Make sure that your helpers have jobs and know when to do what. You can even print out a chart to keep you on schedule.

If you follow these directions this will be one of the most organized and relaxing birthday parties you could have imagined. Go to it… and don’t forget to have some fun.



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