Life is full, my dear friends, very, very, full. I need breaks for tea more than ever. It didn’t happen today except early morning, but time for tea at three remains my plumb-line. If too many pass by without time for tea, I know life is definitely “beyond the boundaries”.

Before I left to experience the miracle of Calaveras Big Trees last Friday, I made a few tea discoveries worth sharing. AND, I may have perfected my tea brewing in the woods!

  • In light of my recent posting on taking tea in the big city of San Francisco, and working from a 1999 publication, I learned of a brand new Tea Read debuting this week, “The Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture” by Jennifer Sauer. I’m excited to see this read, because it’s written by a photographer who caught the tea bug. This means beautiful pictures to accompany our Tea Read. I’ve contacted the author to ask for a review copy, so hopefully we’ll hear from her soon.
  • My tea in the woods proved better than ever, based on a few key factors:
  1. Bottled Water
  2. Measuring my water based on the carafe I took with me instead of using guess-work
  3. Pre-measured tea leaves
  4. A camping teakettle for boiling water
  5. Watching a watch instead of estimating the brewing time

Those of us who drink tea on a daily basis still find brewing at home to yield the best result. I can’t tell you how many lousy cups of tea I’ve drank on the road, both served by others and brewed myself without my at-home equipment. So this trip, I surrendered, and included all factors of at-home brewing I possibly could while out in the woods. It worked.

Also, in light of Friday’s post, I wanted to point out a few opportunities to support some self-made artisans:

  1. Stephanie, my new blogging friend and faithful reader pointed out to me an Etsy vendor who provides The Tea Party “touches of something” delivered to your door. Could be an option for those of us who don’t enjoy baking!
  2. I am semi-participating today in a “Make Mine Pink” tea party. Many other women bloggers are as well, some of whom are artisans. I haven’t yet gone through the entire list, but it would be worth a perusal. Remember, supporting an artist not connected with “Corporate America” is capitalism at it’s best. Find something you consider beautiful, treat yourself, and support a woman’s creativity and enterprise at the same time.

Lastly, I finally took the time to watch “Miss Potter” this weekend, the lovely bio-pic of Beatrix Potter, characterized by Renee Zellweger. One word. Delightful. Children’s literature, an independent woman, English aristocracy, romance, AND preserving nature…all wrapped up in one. BY THE WAY, my swooning friends, Ewan McGregor SINGS to her…sigh). But I mention it, because wrapped up in all this English culture, the movie shows Miss Potter taking tea practically every other scene. Tea scenes galore. Delightful.