Tea Health Benefits

My current reading material is a book called “The Sugar Solution” by Sari Harrar and the editors of Prevention magazine. This is not a new book (my edition is 2004) and it’s not the latest available on this topic, but I read it all the same and am curious about what else is out there on the same topic.

Part of my reason for loving tea is the health benefits it brings to my lifestyle, which includes eating as close to how nature intends us to as possible (i.e. no processed food, no chemicals, poisons, toxins or ‘numbers’ in our food).

“The Sugar Solution” discusses the situation of those with ‘high normal blood sugar’ and how that likely is the beginning of the onset of Type 2 Diabetes and other diseases of the affluent world. It appears that when there is too much sugar (glucose) in our blood, our body can’t produce enough insulin to deal with it adequately, and that causes all sorts of chaos.

One of the ‘solutions’ the book presents to help combat this issue of ‘high normal blood sugar’ is – you guessed it – tea. The book cites : “Common teas boost insulin activity by more than fifteen-fold, according to studies conducted by the USDA”.

Here is the full page I came across that describes how tea works to enhance insulin in the body.

A Spot of Tea page

Further Reading

If you are interested in reading further about this book, or reading some reviews of those who’ve read it already, you may like to visit the search results on Amazon.com. The book has been around for such a long time it is now available second hand. It certainly makes interesting reading.

The Sugar Solution Sari Harrar Prevention magazineSee Price Button
The Sugar Solution by Sari Harrar & Prevention magazine


Another book that features prominently on this topic, based on the number of purchases and reader reviews, is this one :

The Blood Sugar Solution Mark HymanSee Price Button
The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman MD

I don’t own this book – but wonder whether this author will mention tea as a part of the solution also? Do email in to let me know if you’ve read it and know the answer!