Votes For Woman


If you are looking for a unique tea party theme consider the topic of women’s suffarage.  This tea party idea combines both history and the chance for smart women to gather together to celebrate and learn!

A suffrage tea party can delve into the history of a women’s right to vote by allowing guests to play games that help them to learn about the past. At the same time, participants can drink various teas and eat some delectable treats. A suffrage tea party is one that all of your female tea party friends will be sure to love!

One great idea for your suffrage tea party is to ask the participants to dress in the clothes of the era. This will make a good conversational piece and will be a great deal of fun. Long, elegant dresses and hats will make your guests feels as if they were in the 1800’s. During the party, trivia games can be played to teach guests about women’s rights.

For example, you can use trivia to show that women were not allowed to become lawyers in the 1800’s, even though they could go all the way through law school with men. And, you can point out that women weren’t allowed to be teachers if they got married, even if they were teachers beforehand. The women at your party will feel educated and empowered by learning such facts.

During your suffrage tea party, you can serve just about any type of tea. If you have a favorite, woman owned tea brand, be sure to serve it and  provide your guests with a sampling of women in tea!  This will be sure to keep them coming back for more along with making conversation easy.

And don’t forget about decorations – they are of utmost importance! Your tables can be set with antique Victorian decorations, such as old china. This will remind your guests of the era that has passed. You can even place pink rose bouquets in the center of each table for a feminine flair.

Tea sandwiches and sweet treats can be served at your suffrage tea party. If your guests are all dressed up, chances are that they won’t want to eat anything sloppy! So why not provide them with cucumber sandwiches on elaborate breads, or broiled fig and Gorgonzola finger sandwiches? You could also serve things like asparagus and Prosciutto tea sandwiches, chicken pate tea sandwiches, or chicken salad tea sandwiches. The more creative you are, the better! And for dessert, you can serve a variety of tasty treats such as fancy sugar cookies, and chocolate truffles.

At the end of your tea party, you can provide your guests with some little treat bags to go home with. Perhaps these bags can contain samples of your tea, along with some swizzle sticks. You can even include a pamphlet about women’s rights! Your tea loving friends will leave your store a little bit smarter and a lot more impressed!