Afternoon tea gifts

Let’s face it.  Sometimes you need a gift in a hurry.  Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or just a special thank you gift, you need a “go to” list that you can count on.  Consider it done!

Below I have listed ten afternoon tea gifts that will keep your tea loving friends happy!  Each of these gifts is available on so you can get super affordable, and super quick shipping. (thus the last minute crisis is averted!)

afternoon tea gifts

Gift #1:  The Book Of Afternoon Tea by Lesley Mackley

This is one of my favorite tea books.  It has great British recipes that are easy to follow with step by step photos.  Pair this with some British Bliss tea  and your friends will love you no matter what the occasion.


Gift #2: Afternoon Tea Filter – For Life

In my humble opinion the very best tea filter on the market is this stainless steel model.  No true tea lover would be without one.  Easy to clean, easy to use and the holes are small enough that you can use the smallest crushed herbs in your brewing process without fear of “floaties” in your cup.    This works great in a cup or pot.  Pair it with Georgia Ginger Peach Tea and your friends will adore you!


Gift #3: Teatime Magazine – Now Available On Kindle

The wait is over! Your afternoon tea loving friends can now read TeaTime magazine from their computer, phone or Kindle with the Kindle app from Amazon.  A subscription is a great resource for new afternoon tea ideas and afternoon tea recipes.  Only $19.99 with immediate access.


Gift #4: Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle

I have owned (literally) dozens of electric kettles.  (my niece says I have an addiction to hot water.)  The Cuisinart is a great kettle due to its ability to regulate the temperature of the water (for green, white, black or oolong teas) and to shut itself off.   It’s sleek stainless design looks great in the modern kitchen and will last for years to come.


Gift #5:  Gourmet Tea Basket – Get Well Soon or Happy Birthday

All in one gifts for the lover of afternoon tea!  Each box contains 2 kinds of tea (over 8 ounces) and some special treats.  The boxes are super cute and ready to ship.  Your friend will feel particularly loved when the receive one of these items.


Gift #6:  Children’s Tea Party by Fisher-Price

Do you have an early adopter?  If so, this adorable children’s tea party set may be just what you need.  Plastic and light weigh it includes a colorful three tiered tray, teapot, tea cups, sugar and creamer along with pretend afternoon tea foods.  I want one and I don’t have children!


Gift #7: For the Puzzle Lover – Afternoon tea cup puzzle

Personally, I couldn’t put a large puzzle together if my life depended on it.  Your friends however, may love puzzles and tea.  If so, this is the gift for them.  This 1000 piece tea cup jigsaw should keep them busy on a cold winter night or a hot summer day.  Pair this gift with some tropical green tea ( great HOT or ICED) and they will enjoy hours of pleasure.