One of the keys to a simple tea party is quick and easy scones.  To that end I am always hunting for great scone mixes.  This week I tested Archer Farms brand scone mixes from Super Target.  I tried  their Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Chip and Chocolate Chip.

Here’s what I found.

Pro: I love the fact that these mixes only need 1 cup of heavy cream.  They are simple and easy to make plus you can mix the dough, cut them and freeze them.  Bake when you have time or when you have guests on the way.

The mix is very affordable priced at around $2.99 it is significantly lower than the average mix that ranges from $5.00-9.00.

In a pinch?  You can substitute butter melted in milk for heavy cream.  There are directions on the box to help you out.


Con: Archer Farms scone mixes are not available at all Targets and in fact not available at all Super Targets.  You may have to ask your store manager to order them.

I also thought the mixes taste a bit “manufactured” and not as homemade as I would like.  I remedied that by adding fresh ingredients.


Conclusion: I highly recommend these scones.  They are easy to make and can be customized.  I used a Cinnamon Chip mix and  added 1/2 cup of fresh chopped apples  which gave them a completely different mouth feel.  I added the left over apple pieces to the maple glaze and YUM.

DO NOT make these if you are trying to restrain your eating habits.  You won’t be able to stop eating them! 😀


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