Keemun, Black TeaIf you happen to be unfamiliar with Keemun, then this article will inspire you.  Keemun is a great tea of nearly every tea party menu and your friends will love it..

The first thing that you need to know about Keemun tea is that it is probably the most well-known black tea that China produces. Although it enjoys a huge amount of popularity, it is a fairly new tea. As the history of Keemun tea goes, it began in 1875 when a young businessman decided to produce his own black tea in the Chinese Anhui province. Up until this time, the Anhui province had only seen average quality green tea. So, as you can imagine, people were quite taken by the taste of Keemun tea! Its smoky flavors of pine, orchid, and apple and rich sweet taste captivated all who drank it. In China, Keemun is also known by the names Qi Men Hong and Qi Hong.

How do you drink Keemun? Well, it isn’t like Darjeeling, which has incredibly rich floral overtones; instead it has a smooth, mellow flavor with just a small hint of flowers that does not really require milk or sugar. However, you can use milk and sugar if you feel so inclined. Keemun is also not quite like Assam tea, because it doesn’t have that kick of caffeine. However, it is one of the stronger teas that can be taken without milk. Keemun teas are definitely full bodied, with full flavor.

There are several different grades of Keemun that exist. Some Keemun leaves are twisted, while others are smaller and rolled up more tightly. Keemun teas are some of the world’s best keeping teas – that is, if they are stored in the correct way. Keemun teas are actually often compared to Burgandy wines, because of their complex aroma and character. And, they oftentimes take on the character of a mellow wine as they age and grow older. In other words, they get better and better tasting as they get older. An aged Keemun tea something to be enjoyed as a pleasing, special treat!

Keemun is a superb-tasting breakfast tea, and it can be thoroughly enjoyed with biscotti, biscuits, pancakes, cereal, or fruit. It is also known to offer excellent health benefits to those who drink it. Not only does it have no fat, carbohydrates, or calories, but it also assists in the protection of the human body’s cells and immune system. Many believe that drinking Keemun prolongs a lifespan and helps to defend the body against the aging process.

Today, Keemun is still grown in Qimen County in the Anhui province of China. It has since made its way into many English breakfast tea blends. It has even beat out Darjeeling as one of the most popular teas in the world! It was not too bad of an invention for a businessman from a small town!

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