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The Breville tea maker has tea drinkers everywhere talking. Tea drinkers have long awaited the day when we, too, like coffee drinkers, could wake up to a fresh cup of our favorite beverage, blended to perfection. Sure, Keurig has tried to make this possible to some degree, but for those of us who long for a “true” tea (freshly brewed to a temperature specific to the type of the tea, agitated for the right amount of time), options were severely limited. The Breville tea maker, however, has completely changed this.

In particular, the Breville one touch tea maker has the potential to make any morning one with an effortless delightful tea, brewed to perfection. But is it all it is “cracked up to be?”  Breville tea maker reviews have been consistently high since its release several years ago, with tea lovers raving about their new morning delights. Perfect for cold nights when you don’t want to stand by the kettle, this tea maker can also brew a lovely cup of chamomile to settle you in to a cozy winter night at home.

The Breville tea maker comes complete with a timer for those mornings we wish to awaken to brilliantly brewed tea. With options to control the tea strength and steeping time, it also has a temperature sensor displayed, so you can be sure the tea is just how you want it. Its kettle is as durable as it claims, and since it is glass, it is also stainless unlike some of the older tea kettles. Taking up much less than a square foot of counter space, its size is comparable to a coffee maker, and it’s quite an appealing sight on the most beautiful of counter spaces.

Unlike with the Keurig, users are not limited in their tea selections. For those of us who prefer to make our own tea or purchase it whole from health stores, the Breville Tea Maker allows us to finally have our favorite teas without the hassle or mess.

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Some reviewers raved that they had never tasted true tea before purchasing this tea maker. After all, making a good cup has many variables. From the steeping temperature, to the length of time needed to steep, most of us who love tea have gone our entire lives estimating and guessing just to get our tea the way we like it. Often, however, we over-steep the tea, leaving it somewhat bitter, and then we add honey or lemon to enhance the flavor of something that should be enjoyed on its own. With all of the guessing, mess and hassle out of the picture, the Breville one touch tea maker allows us to enjoy tea just as it’s meant to be enjoyed.


Specifications of the Breville tea maker

The Breville one touch tea maker has a one year manufacturer warranty, although some retailers will sell additional warranties that can added. Upon reading reviews, however, we did not find many complaints of malfunction, and many claimed to use this product several times daily for several years. It can hold up to 1.5 liters, so one can make a significant amount of tea fairly quickly. It can also keep the tea warm for up to an hour after its brewing time, making it much more efficient than a traditional kettle. One can select tea strength (which controls the steeping time), and this tea maker has variable temperatures for all tea varieties. It also has a real-time display that times how long it has been since the tea has been brewed. How many times have you seen a coffee drinker grab a pot of old coffee, thinking it was freshly brewed? The disappointment is real, and Breville doesn’t want tea makers to experience this. The truth is, some tea drinkers take our favorite beverage quite seriously. After all, we take the time to find our favorite tea types, manufacturers and flavors, the best kettles and the best tea strainers. With a retail price of around $250, we expect Breville to take good care of our tea, and it does.Breville One Touch Tea Maker

The latest model, the BTM800XL, has a dish washer safe tea basket and scoop. For the health and environmentally conscious, its plastic components are also BPA free. It brews very quietly, with a lift that removes the tea just in time. As stated previously, this tea maker has a custom setting for all tea types. Even better than its custom settings, however, are its predetermined settings. Not sure how long to brew a white tea? Breville has the answer, and it only takes the touch of a button for it to brew your white tea just as it should be. In fact, in around five to ten minutes, Breville can brew what may be the best tea you’ve had. Many reviewers call the Breville tea maker the “Rolls Royce of tea makers,” and it’s difficult to imagine who would disagree.


“With all of the guessing, mess and hassle out of the picture, the Breville tea maker allows us to enjoy tea just as it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

Breville Tea Maker