I’d like to share a new herbal tea discover.  It’s called Busch Tea

Recently, I tested Busch Tea.  Busch tea is actually an herbal Rooibos blend from South Africa.  As many of you know, I taste teas on a daily basis so I really wasn’t expecting much when I sampled Busch Tea.  Wow, was I surprised.  Busch tea has awesome, unique blends of Rooibos, Honeybush and Hoodia that taste great and have fantastic health benefits.    This is the highest quality Rooibos I have ever found.  (if you don’t know about Rooibos check out this Wiki article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos  )

“WillPower (TM)”  is their amazing diet tea.  I recently heard from a friend who tried it.  He drank it iced throughout the day and lost 10 pounds in less than a week.  He was thrilled.  He said it kept him very full and he was amazed at how great it tasted. *  WillPower (TM) has a blend of Rooibos, Hoodia, Orange Peel, Honeybush, Cloves and Cinnamon.  It tastes great iced or hot.  Everyone I know who has tried it, liked it.  While there is no caffeine you will definitely feel the “boost” from the Hoodia.  Personally, I would not sip this at night. 🙂

I love it and think you will too!  Here is an excerpt from the Busch Tea website, describing their product line:




Besides the taste, it is relatively easy to see why Busch Tea has the best quality Rooibos tea in the world. If you take a handful of our tea and lay it next to a handful of other Rooibos teas, you will note some key differences in appearance.

1. Busch tea is a dark rich red color. Others are often pale looking and some even yellowish in color.

2. Busch Tea has less white flecks in it than other Rooibos teas. This is because the white flecks are actually stem – not leaves. The more the white flecks the lower the quality – it’s all filler, not actual leaves.



1. If you drink Rooibos tea, you need to try ours. The flavor is so rich and full bodied, you will notice the difference. We often hear from Rooibos tea drinkers that ours is the best they have ever tasted.

2. Our Tango blend which combines orange, cinnamon and cloves is so popular it literally flies off the shelves once people try it.

3. All of our current flavors plus some new ones we are developing you can count on, will taste better than any other Rooibos you have tried.



Busch Tea is the world’s first tea specifically designed to be made in a drip coffee maker.

It has been super fine cut just like coffee grounds. You use the same amount as you would coffee, place it in the basket, switch on the coffee machine and when it’s done, it’s ready to drink – properly brewed and fresh and hot.

Unlike conventional tea, making Busch tea requires no boiling water, then steeping for who knows exactly how long in a teapot, then screening it. By the time you get to the second cup it’s already cooled off. You don’t need any tea paraphernalia.



In recent years, a flood of reports have surfaced, flaunting the nearly miraculous effects that can occur from drinking green tea. The many diverse benefits of green tea that have, so far, been confirmed by science include cancer prevention, decreased incidents of heart attack, better breath, lower cholesterol, weight loss and general immune strength.

However, as all black, green and white teas come from the same plant, the benefits are practically equal. So while green tea may provide more antioxidants than black tea, because it is not oxidized, this amount is negligible in relation to the benefits. To build immune strength, both would help.

However, recent studies have concluded that Busch tea™ (better known as Rooibos tea, Red tea or Miracle tea) from South Africa by far exceeds green tea in health benefits.

The other major health issue these days is obesity. Overweight people experience many health problems and the drive to find the perfect diet is an ongoing one. But what if you could control your appetite for food so that you no longer feel hungry nor crave foods as much, so that you can choose to eat less and eat healthy foods because they are good for you rather than be driven by cravings?

Busch Tea has developed a new tea blend called “WillPower”. This is a Rooibos tea blended with Hoodia, one of the best natural hunger suppressants currently known. In fact Busch Tea has a patent pending on its unique blend.



Despite the fact that Busch tea is the best Rooibos tea in the world, you don’t have to pay premium prices. We have worked hard to bring you the best at the same or in some cases less than the poor quality Rooibos sells for. Shop and compare by weight in your grocery store and you will see what we mean.



1. Busch tea is 100% certified organic by USDA & ECOCERT. This means it has no harmful chemicals or pesticides in it.

2. Busch Tea is Naturally caffeine free. For those who are experiencing sleeplessness or other adverse health effects of caffeine, Busch Tea is perfect for you. It’s the ONLY TEA that is safe for and highly recommended for babies and children of all ages.

3. Busch Tea is super high in anti-oxidants. Some of them not found in any other known fruit, tea or vegetable. There are 37 anti-oxidants found in Busch Tea.

3. Busch Tea is great hot or cold. You need never waste a drop. Once brewed cool and place in the fridge. Because it has almost no tannins or oxalic acid it is not bitter like standard teas are. Drink it straight or add any flavoring you like. Makes wonderful iced tea.

4. Busch Tea can be blended with any dairy product, fruit juice or flavoring. Unlike other herbal teas, you can blend Busch Tea with virtually any flavoring you like. This tea is so versatile you will never get bored with it because you can change it anytime to suit your taste.

5. If left on a heat source it does not get a burnt taste like coffee – even if left on the burner all day. This means you can enjoy a fresh cup of tea anytime you feel like one – without any mess or trouble. No other tea offers you this convenience.


More Health Benefits of Busch Tea


Scientific studies & user testimonies suggest that:


  • Busch tea has proven to dramatically help people with allergies of many kinds including cats (or animal dander), hay fever etc.
  • Busch tea is the ONLY safe tea to give even nursing infants and stops colic completely even for lactating moms who drink the tea while nursing. It has also been used as a milk replacement for allergic babies.
  • Busch tea has proven to relieve skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or eczema, and even diaper rash & sunburn. It should be applied topically for skin problems as well as consumed.
  • Busch tea has been shown to detoxify the liver and brain from heavy metals – now known to be the major contributor to Alzheimer’s and other memory or mind functions.
  • Recent studies suggest that Busch tea helps to fight cancer because of its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants in Bush tea not only help shield the body from cancer; but lab tests show that they may actually kill cancer cells!
  • Busch tea protects the heart. The anti-oxidants in Bush tea protect your heart since they minimize cholesterol build-up and prevent blood clots.
  • Japanese researches claim that 3-4 cups of Busch tea per day can lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 69%!
  • Busch tea fights insomnia & anxiety. Caffeine can be harmful to the central nervous system, causing irritability, high blood pressure and erratic sleep patterns. Sixty percent of coffee & tea drinkers experience some insomnia and anxiety because of the high caffeine intake.
  • Busch Tea has been shown to be a major help in calming children and adults suffering with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders). Instead of drugs with their problematic side effects, try Busch Tea and see what a difference it will make.
  • Busch tea naturally contains NO caffeine. You will feel more energized when you switch from regular tea to Busch tea™
  • The minerals in Busch tea™ help to combat osteoporosis
  • Busch tea supplements our daily dosage requirement in terms of fluoride, calcium and manganese – minerals which combat osteoporosis.
  • Busch tea is known to help overcome the effects of a hang-over. It is far superior to black coffee.
  • Busch Tea has been used successfully to aid people with drug withdrawals or problems caused by drug abuse. It’s detoxifying effect and rebuilding damaged cells is a major aid to people damaged through drugs.
  • Inflammation relief. Applying the tea to swollen areas as well as drinking it causes the inflammation to decline. Busch tea is also widely recommended as a supplementary medication while treating syphilis as it inhibits common inflammation (swelling and irritation) and reduces pain. However, the herb does not cure the disease. Apply cooled Busch tea to any inflamed area in addition to drinking it. The dual action is more effective.
  • Busch tea will detoxify and remove odor from smelly feet. Soak tired feet for 15 minutes. It also is a major help for people suffering with body odor.
  • Busch tea soothes minor cuts or scrapes, treat sunburn and refresh puffy eyes. Using a cotton swab apply the tea to the cut, eyes or sunburn. Repeat as needed.
  • Busch tea is excellent for Aids victims. A couple of studies conducted by Japanese scientists have found that Busch tea is active against or combats the human immunodeficiency virus. The polysaccharide (a complex carbohydrate) amalgams present in Busch tea thwarts the HIV from sticking to its intended or target cells in the body. In addition, the polysaccharides are more active and useful in dilutions that are totally uncontaminated or free from all toxicity (organic).

Try Busch tea and tell them Tea Party Girl sent you.  Personally, I think you will LOVE it.  I do.




*This is an actual event however YOUR results may vary.  Consult your doctor if concerned.