I love tea parties. But, I don’t like to cook and I REALLY don’t like to bake. AND I’m a food snob (from California, love Alice Waters, you get the drill). If you read my article, “A Tea Party’s Most Important Ingredient” you’ll learn the answer is the tea. HOWEVER, the food’s role at the tea party is also crucial and as someone who doesn’t like to bake and is picky about what she puts in her (and others!) mouth, this can create quite a dilemma.

Now, my longterm goal is to be able to afford caterers. But until then, I turn to you, my faithful readers. What are your favorite quality convenience foods that could be used at a tea party? I need to hear from those of you who don’t have a Whole Foods Bakery in your neighborhood. 😉

When I say quality, I mean that Mother’s Cookies just don’t cut it – even for the wee ones. Ideally there would be no trans-fat or corn syrup in the ingredients. At it needs to taste at least close to homemade. (Anyone else suffer from a sensitivity to chemical after-taste?).

My plan is to include your answers in a list article that will stay permanently up here at Tea Party Girl for future reference. It will include your blog or website address for a permanent link of exposure for you as well. Here’s an example:

1. Tea Party Girl recommends local and seasonal fresh fruit.

Now, I realize I’m putting this out here the eve of many of you visiting Hot-lanta for the World Tea Expo. And I’m probably over-confident as I’ve experienced many new visitors lately (yea!). But what the heck, let’s try this anway.

What are YOUR favorite quality convenience foods that could be used for a tea party?