Can Coffee and Tea Help You Grow Taller

If it weren’t for our genes and other factors like nutrition, most of us would prefer a tall stature. Society looks upon the tall favorably and not so favorably on those that are a few inches shorter – it’s just culture. As a result, it is not unusual to see people trying one thing or another to be taller, and of course, avoid what is likely to reduce their height.

Among the factors thought to influence bone growth include coffee and tea consumption. Considering that coffee and tea are some of the most popular beverages around the world, it is essential to determine whether they have any impact on growing taller.

Some Info on Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the world – yes, a drug. But it’s entirely legal – and safe too. Consuming a caffeinated drink gives you a temporary burst of energy and brain function.

You will find this naturally occurring stimulant in tea, coffee, energy drinks, soda, and even chocolate. It may also be present in protein bars and pain medication.

The Myths and Facts – Can Coffee and Tea Help You Grow Taller?

Can Coffee and Tea Help You Grow Taller

For the longest time, parents have warned their growing teens against consuming too much coffee. According to them, coffee inhibits growth, and hence more likely for the caffeine addict to remain short.

It is entirely unclear where the rumor originated from, but the best guess is a possible link shown by some studies between caffeine and minimal calcium absorption. There’s a bit of truth to this, but the calcium absorption reduction caused by caffeine is too small to have any impact on bone growth.

Another myth was that the effect on calcium absorption caused osteoporosis which in turn made you short. There was supposedly a link between coffee consumption, osteoporosis, and becoming shorter. However, no studies are confirming these claims – no need to worry folks!

When a careful analysis of the research suggesting a possible link between the three factors was done, a few things became apparent. For example, most of the caffeine drinkers drank less milk and ingested minimal calcium-rich foods.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to remedy the shortfall with a few teaspoons of milk. Therefore, there’s no possible link between caffeine and short stature; science puts the matter to rest.

Colas that have a significant amount of caffeine has been shown to have a small effect on bone growth. However, the blame cannot entirely be on caffeine, but instead, phosphoric acid content.

Also, people have different caffeine tolerance levels. Some will consume caffeine beverages unCan Coffee and Tea Help You Grow Taller?til late into the night and still sleep like a baby while others will toss and turn the entire night.

Health Issues Associated with Coffee and Tea

The consumption of coffee temporarily enhances your energy and alertness thus interfering with sleep. Caffeine takes longer to clear from a young person’s body than adults. Sleep deprivation among the young people leads to poor academic performance and obesity. You see, sleep is an important factor to growing tall, and obese people appear shorter – it’s just how it is.

However, there are still benefits associated with moderate coffee consumption. For example, the beverage reduces the chances of having Alzheimer’s and enhances exercise performance.

Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid that safeguards your body cells against damage. The substance is an antioxidant, and can, as well play an important role in weight management. Another important compound in your cup of coffee is diterpenes.

There’s suggestion that diterpenes have anticancer properties in addition to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The stimulant is a mood lifter, and research suggests that there’s a possible link to decreased depression. It also helps people living with ADHD and ADD.

Growing teens should limit coffee and tea consumption to about 100mg per day.

For those worried about possible adverse effects of coffee on their height can take more Vitamin D and calcium in their diet or supplements.

Bottom Line

It’s quite possible that tea and coffee drinkers lead healthier lifestyles on account of the reduced risk of diseases. However, caffeine, which is the main component in tea and coffee, will not make you taller, or shorter for that matter. Therefore, you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea without worrying about any effect on stature.