First, thank you for the comments! I’d love to hear from more of you. Please keep them coming, and let me know the number one struggle you have taking care of your home.

Last Tuesday, Dawnya Sasse of Start a Tea Business dot com interviewed me on a live call with her students for her Online Tea Business Class. It was a thrill to talk about what it’s been like to build this blog and the opportunities blogging can provide for tea businesses. There’s a link below that you can click to listen in, an interview available only to her students and the readers of this blog. If you are interested in starting a tea business, Dawnya’s resources are a great place to start. Thanks to her training, I’m sitting in my own home writing to you instead of floundering in a traditional tea room somewhere. Even if you’re not interested in a tea business, enjoy the interview as a blogger or a fan of Tea Party Girl.

Here’s a few other tea party tidbits I’ve been saving up for you:

  • I’ve been waiting patiently to share these Valentine’s with you. I gave them as a gift to an in-real-life friend first (she also reads this blog and I love surprises!). Not very tea party-ish, but so, so, fun! Especially if you were under eighteen in the 1970s. Be sure to check out superfay’s entire Etsy shop.
  • Did you know Hugh Grant and I hold something in common? Neither did I. If you don’t know much about Hugh Grant and are the more proper among us, read about the rest of his life at your own risk. But he could be interesting to have tea with, don’t you think?
  • One of the first blogs I found when I began my own was Risa of The Partea Planner. She lives in beautiful Orange County and runs such a successful event planning business that specializes in tea parties. Risa was featured in this month’s Teatime Magazine with a beautiful photo-rich feature. She shares some of her best tips for hosting a tea party event, from plenty of experience! I highly recommend seeking out a copy of the magazine and reading the article for inspiration and practical advice. But if you can’t get your hands on one, at least visit her blog for some of the pictures. The flowers she chooses for her parties alone leave me breathless.