Karen formerly of Sweet-Necessi-Teas started a Conversation about Tea today. She writes of sometimes being questioned about her choice of pursuit~devoting her shop to tea clothing and accoutrements. After all, there aren’t clothing and accessories shops for just for drinking many other beverages. She explains it very well. “Tea is a way to bring elegance into every day life.” A girl after my own heart!

Karen, if people question your darling shop~imagine starting a tea party-themed blog, in the middle of summer, no less! Yes, lovers of taking tea passionately desire to bring the tea time elegance to others’ daily lives. This includes myself, Karen, and hopefully the owner of your local tea room.

Tea Party Girl is only three weeks young, and so many of you have stopped by for a visit already. Thank you for your encouraging comments! I especially love to hear that the elegance of the tea time comes through these pages and refreshes you, even just a little bit. I am working hard to build content of value and worth to encourage you in your tea time endeavors. If you have found that to be true, say thanks by choosing to favorite it with Technorati and let others know I’m here.

Meet me for tea at three,

Tea Party Girl