Children's Tea Party Food

If you’ve ever wondered what Children’s Tea Party Food to serve at an occasion, then this article is for you.

Today we are going to look at several options, each based on a particular constraint.  These constraints are:




Use these ideas as a starting point to launch your menu and make it your own. Hosting a children’s tea party can be comfortable with a little bit of strategic planning.

Quick and Easy – When Time Is Short

If you are short on time, you will need to forgo home baking and look for over the counter treats. Here are a few ideas for buying pre-made food and tweaking it for your party.

Uncrustables by Smuckers

Crustless sandwiches with all the work done for you. Uncrustables come in a variety of flavors. Customize by cutting them in half, piping them with cream cheese and adding a bit of sprinkle.  Recommended as a treat for children’s tea party food, but not everyday!  Here they are on Amazon if you have not seen them before (this, and the ones below are affiliate links):

Smuckers Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Wheat Bread Sandwich on Amazon

Cookies or Biscuits

Most grocery stores offer a variety of sweets from their aisle or the bakery. Find something that you can dress up without a lot of hassle. This could be something as common as Oreo cookies.  Who doesn’t love Oreos? Use a piece of ribbon to tie a stack of cookies with a bow and set it on the top of a three tiered tray! Pure perfection.

Oreo Cookies on Amazon

Precut Fruit

Using shish-ka-bob sticks lace pre-cut fruit from your produce aisles with marshmallows. Drizzle with a bit of melted chocolate frosting. Yum.

Mini Scones or Brownies

Your grocery store bakery may offer a box of mini brownies or scones. Drizzle with a bit of colored frosting and a few sprinkles. Easy peasy.


Serve a choice of lemonade and herbal tea. Pour both beverages to your guests from teapots. (Oh and don’t forget the sugar cubes! Children looooove sugar cubes!)

Special Focus – Avoiding Allergens

Today it’s harder than ever to serve food appropriate for every child. Here are a few ideas for avoiding common allergens in your children’s tea party food.

Avoid Sandwiches

Instead of sandwiches, serve open faced vegetables like cucumber slices. Top with cream cheese (if dairy is not an issue). You might also want to offer celery with nut butter (if nut is not a problem) or hummus.

Dairy free/Gluten Free

Dairy free, gluten free cakes and cookies are available from specialized bakeries. If you do not have such a bakery in your area, consider ordering from Sweet Ali’s.

Fresh Fruit

Search Pinterest for clever ways to decorate fruit and make it seem special. Fruit is an excellent option for children’s tea party food and in fact for most tea parties and is available all over the world.

Gummy Candy

Gummy candy is usually both gluten and dairy free. It also comes in a sugar-free version. Children may enjoy Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, Gummi Cherries or Sour Peaches.


Rooibos based herbals are a popular choice for kids. Try a peach, tropical or strawberry flavor with sugar cubes or honey.

Saving Money – The $25 Party

If your wallet is empty and you need to save money, these suggestions are for you.

Here’s how to serve eight guests on USD 25 or less.

Choose 6 of your favorite items. Each must be able to feed at least eight guests and cost no more than $4.

Options to choose from:

Bag of sliced apples
Box of strawberries
Brownie mix
Assorted pre-cut veggies
Candy (like candy necklaces)
Mini cupcakes
Apple Sauce
Lemonade or Tea

Search your shopping center for items on sale and find items lower than $4 whenever possible. If you have anything left in your budget use it for food decoration such as ribbon, sprinkles or flower petals.

Decorate and prepare the six items. Divide amongst a three tier tray. Bottom layer for sandwiches or veggies, the middle layer for cakes, scones or fruit and the top layer is for sweets.

Want to save even more money? Start clipping coupons. Lots of name brand goodies offer coupons either online or in the paper.

Believe it or not, a Children’s Tea Party does not have to be expensive. Planning counts. Shop ahead whenever possible.

Children’s Tea Party Food is Just Part of the Fun!

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