… a special Christmas Tea Cup!

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It only comes out once a year, for a certain time, leading up to the special day and throughout the festive season.

That one, beautiful piece that symbolizes this special time of year, when we celebrate – Christmas.  Time with the love of family and friends, and time to remember absent loved ones.  Each sip from our special vessel is a chance to close our eyes, reflect, relax, appreciate and refresh.

Lovely as a gift, or for ourselves, for a little indulgence!

Is your special Christmas Tea Cup here?

Suitable for Men and Women

This lovely tea cup and saucer would suit a lady, a man or even a younger child, for a very special occasion… so cute!

Christmas Tree – Tea Cup and Saucer

Holiday Tea Cup

Suitable for the Collector

Just a little more delicate and ornate, perhaps for that special lady, as a gift…  this Old Country Roses Christmas Tea Cup and Saucer Set is one to treasure for many years.

Old Country Roses Christmas Tree Teacup and Saucer Set – from Royal Albert

Christmas Tea Cup

For the ‘No-Nonsense’ Tea Drinker

Know a tea drinker who can’t be bothered with the whole saucer bit – but still appreciates tea from a china teacup?  This is the gift for them!  The Lenox Holiday Tea Cup.

The Lenox Holiday Tea Cup

Holiday Tea Cup

Cleaning Tea Ware

Perhaps you are worried about investing in special tea wares, because you think they need special attention and cleaning.  I understand – we’ve all been there!  I used to worry also, thinking I needed special cleaning methods or cloths.  But that’s not the case.  In our article How to Care for Your China Tea Ware, all is revealed!  You’ll be able to keep your Christmas Tea Cups (and Saucers) in pristine condition for many years to come with these easy to follow tips.