Christmas Tea Party


It’s that time of the year again! The snow is gently falling outside your window. Christmas trees are being decorated, and stockings are being hung. Shoppers are bustling, and presents are being wrapped. Holiday cheer fills the air. And so does the rich scent of tea!  It’s time for a Christmas tea party.

If you are a tea party lover who would like to celebrate the season of giving, why not have a holiday tea party at your home? If this sounds like a festive idea to you, then let’s get started planning today.

How to Host a Christmas Tea Party

First of all, you can start putting your Christmas tea party together with holiday decorations. For example, you can set up tables in your home that are adorned with pine wreaths and holly. Perhaps you could put a poinsettia centerpiece in the middle of each table.  Also, set your table in the traditional quality tea party manner.  Use our guide “How to Set the Table for Tea – Eight Helpful Tips”.

Next to the tables, you can set up a fabulous Christmas tree. You can even hang tea-inspired ornaments from it, such as little glass teacups or teapots. What a lovely conversational piece your tree will make. If you want your party to be extra special, why not have all of the guests buy or make their own tea ornaments. You will be surprised to see how creative people can be with tea leaves and tea products. After everyone’s ornament is hung on the tree, the food and drinks can begin!

At your Christmas tea party, you can serve bite-sized snacks. Try some pumpkin bread topped with honey nut cream cheese. Serve mini roast beef sandwiches. For the sweet tooth, you can serve fudge squares or delicious little sugar cookies. Your guests will be licking their lips in delight.

What Tea to Serve?

So you have your decorations, your tree, and your food… but let’s not forget about the most important thing of all – the tea! For a Christmas tea party, you should certainly serve hot-spiced teas. Try a Ceylon black tea that is flavored with spicy cinnamon, strong cloves, and flavorful orange peels. You can even make a variety of twelve teas, and serve tastes of “The Twelve Teas of Christmas”. The teas you choose are completely up to you. Your friends will savor the opportunity to try their favorite picks. As a result, they may even discover a new favorite!

Tea Party Favors

Don’t Forget: Never allow your guests to go home empty handed. When your friends leave the tea party, you can present them with small gift packages – Christmas presents – from your home to theirs. These gifts can be located under the tree, where they can be picked up upon departure. As for gift ideas – cinnamon swizzle sticks and some sample teas can be wrapped up in colorful Christmas gift bags to go. No matter what gifts you choose to give, your party will be sure to warm the hearts and the souls of all who attend. Your friends and family will enjoy it so much, that they will come back to your home begging for tea parties no matter what the season!