If you weren’t the host this weekend, did you thank the one who opened their home to you? Even if you brought lots of food, the one who cleaned the bathroom deserves the thanks, I think, especially on this weekend of all weekends.

On the drive home from my parents last night, one of the topics of discussion with Plays with Fire was the holiday party we want to host this year. I have hosted many over the years and know how much work they are. And I’ve learned to really think about the guest list and make sure my expectations match the reality of who’s coming. I told him honestly, “I just want to celebrate with a few friends who really appreciate what we do.”

It takes so little. Prompt RSVPs. A simple hostess gift or quick thank you note. Showing up on time. These simple courtesies equals a gracious guest.

I hope all of my American readers were able to spend some of this weekend with family. I know it isn’t always easy. Personally, I am able to go home to a house where my parents have lived for almost 30 years. The small family of my youth has grown to eleven members and we’ve already pretty much past the toddler years of the third generation sans one. We have a great deal to be thankful for. Every year has not been perfect, as no family is, but the sense of connectedness grows more each year we gather together. (I also give a lot of credit to the prayers of those in the oldest generation for keeping us together).


Thanks so much, Mom and Dad for a wonderful day together.