Tea Cups and SaucersDo all of your tea cups and saucers have to match for a tea party? No!  They do not!  And here’s why:

Marie asked today: “I was just asked this past Sunday to host a tea party for the ladies at our church. I came across your website via Google and very glad I did! I have no experience whatsoever with tea parties and your tips are very helpful.

But what if I don’t have tea cups and saucers for 20 women? Would it be too tacky to have 20 different cups/saucer sets?”


Marie, not only is it NOT tacky, I recommend it!

Teacups are unique and add to the drama of the table when they are not all the same. The tea party with matching teacups is usually only found at the formal hotel tea or with professional caterers of large parties that buy their stock in lots.

Sometimes for events such as yours the guests are asked to bring a favorite teacup and share its history as in, “This was the one item my grandmother saved from her house fire that Grandpa didn’t make her sell during the Depression”, etc.

It is best to have the cup match its saucer unless you’re a little girl inviting your stuffed animals to the event, however.

I’m so glad you found Tea Party Girl helpful!

Be sure to come back and share how your event went.