Breathe, Jenny, Breathe.

Breathe, Readers, Breathe.

Seriously. Take a minute and breathe deeply from your gut. Six times if you can. I’ve been going strong for the last nine hours and that’s what I’m doing as I sit down to write to you.

‘Tis the Season. And the pressure’s mounting. Can you feel it? Even if you work hard to keep the holidays low-key, it’s in the traffic, the stores, and the calendars of others you might want to please.

Let’s see. In the last nine hours I talked on the phone, emailed, welcomed into my home, and loved on about fifteen different people. I bought Christmas presents and laundry detergent, visiting the neighborhood grocery for the third time in as many days. I negotiated with, disciplined, and nurtured four different children. I chauffeured in the pouring rain, washed the sheets, and cleaned one of our three toilets. I set aside my agenda and served tea to my neighbor, listening to her adoption stories. I wrote a card to a friend who just miscarried and prayed about another friend’s myriad of symptoms thanks to chemo. Breathe, Jenny, Breathe. Yep, I have to remember to breathe, but the nurturing didn’t receive a second thought.

I am in awe of the feminine gender. It amazes me what we do, accomplish, feel, and fight for. And we do it with hearts that easily break and bodies that go through so much because we are the ones who bear the children. And many of us, when all is said and done, feel guilty because we need a little break once in awhile. Or at the end of the day, look at what wasn’t accomplished and feel we didn’t get enough done. Say what?

And yet, I enjoy being a girl. Don’t you? I love being the gender that most naturally nurtures hearts and lives. That I’ve planned the majority of the surprises hidden away for next week’s special morning, awaiting the glee of children. I can live life by my heart more than my wits, but my wits can kick into gear when needed. And somehow I just know what will bring life and beauty to situations and encourage those who need it. Is there a better way to spend the day?

So, my dear friends, watch over your powerful heart over the next few days as you work hard as only women can. Be sure to take some time to nurture you. Because I can almost bet you’re already nurturing others. Pick one or more of your five senses and take some time. Brew the tea, put on some music, turn on the Christmas tree lights and REST in the reality of a Silent Night.

Do you enjoy being a girl? Do you struggle to nurture yourself in the midst of nurturing others? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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