If you are hosting a tea party large or small you must consider giving your guests a “favor.”

A “favor”  is a small token or gift given to those who attend your event.  This serves as a special reminder of your time together and often the favor will reflect the theme of your tea party.

This post will share some ideas for creating your own favors, buying tea favors and baking favors that will keep your friends and family talking for years to come.

Here are my favorite resources for new gift ideas:


Buy Them:


If you want a great selection of affordable favors to buy then look no further.  This list shows a variety of products sure to inspire you for your next afternoon tea party.

Dollar Store – If you have a dollar store in your area keep your eyes peeled for some creative favors.  Spring and holidays are perfect for nabbing an item or two.  If you are crafty consider buying glasses and embellishing them.  Not crafty?  There are always a variety of little items that would work such as seed packets, glass figurines, books, stationary, etc.

 Favor Affair & Beu Coup – these are companies that specialize in favors.  They have little gifts for every occasion including weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and more.  I find that almost any favor that is meant for a wedding can be adapted for a tea party.  Here are the links to their sites.





Etsy – Etsy is the home of all those crafty people that you hear about but aren’t!  Etsy offers a variety of handmade or vintage items which might work perfect for tea time.  As I was researching options I happened across some really fun tea pot crayons.  These would be great for adults or children and they would certainly get your group talking!  Try wrapping them in a bit of netting, tying with a ribbon and setting them on or next to the plate.

Here are a couple vendors who sell great products:







Ebay I am an Ebayer from way back and my first step in life is ALWAYS to go to ebay or Amazon. I have personally purchased a variety of favors from Ebay. 

On my recent visit I found these simple and creative tea party pins.  These would be great favors and would also look good on top of a gift.





Make Them or Bake Them:

Semi Homemade Magazine – unlike Martha Stewart Living, Semi Homemade is filled with simple ideas for “girlfriend parties.”  Recent ideas include bath salts, goodie jars, gift tags and more.  These are usually no brainer ideas that make it easy to give your guests a favor or allow them to create something special to take home.


My Own Labels – already created something special?  My Own Labels can allow you to add a unique and professional label.  Label your own tea, a custom baked treat or even a flavored vinegar.  My own label also provides tons of free ideas.


Wilton – In recent years Wilton has really outdone themselves with creative new favors, baking ideas and more.  Visit Wilton’s site for some inspiration or visit a large Wilton section in Walmart of a craft store near you.  Look at the mini boxes, the cupcake wrappers, the chocolate molds and more.  The favors could be endless and you use Wilton to help you create.


Tea Party Girl Asks:  What’s your idea for a unique tea favor?