Do you remember your first tea set as a little girl? I certainly do!  It was amongst my most treasured possessions.  My tea set was very small and dainty and made of porcelain.  It was white, with hand-painted pink flowers on it.  I don’t imagine it was terribly expensive, but I thought it was precious!  When it comes to idea gift ideas for a little girl, a tea set simply must be on the list!

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gift ideas for a little girl

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl – Younger Children

Of course, when it comes to little girls, they come in all ages (don’t we?!).  So if you are seeking a special gift for a really young child, a plastic set may be the best way to go.  For safety’s sake, a plastic tea set will not cause any injury due to broken china!  And they are lighter than other options, so make an ideal choice for a very first tea set.

Just because a tea set is plastic does not mean it is not beautiful, or precious or special!  Explore Tea Party Girl’s favorite choices here:

BPA Free, PVC Free and Food Safe Plastic Option

Great gift ideas for a little girl must be safe.  This option ticks all the boxes.
Holiday Tea CupA Safe, Fun Set with Additional Options

We can’t go past the ‘carry all’ tea pot to contain all the items this tea set comes with!  Add on muffins and cutlery, and it’s a set slightly older children might enjoy!

Holiday Tea Cup

Tin Tea Sets – Also Great Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

A tin tea set is also a terrific idea for younger children, particularly if you have an aversion to plastic products.  Many of us are making more selective choices around plastic products these days, so this is understandable.  Tin Tea sets as they are still awfully pretty, still light, and still durable.  Just perfect for young children to play with.

Tin Tea Sets will never go out of style, and can remain a family heirloom for generations.  Do  you recall the array of tin toys from the ‘good ‘ol days’?  I went to great lengths to find my son a traditional tin spinning top, because I recall a tin spinning top from my childhood! (I have no idea where I played with it.  I don’t think I ever owned one!)  There were tin pedal cars and tin fire engines.  So, tin tea sets are a tradition in themselves.  Here are some of our favorites:

A Super-Popular Option

Holiday Tea Cup

In Love With Picnic Baskets

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Tea Set

This set is a little more pricey… but, it’s gorgeous.  Do have a look!

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

Porcelain Tea Sets for Girls

These are so very precious.  There is something about a beautiful, miniature porcelain tea set that is almost even more charming than a full size adult tea set!  The smaller size is so dainty, so pretty, so appealing.  Mothers and Grandmothers can reminisce with the little girls in their life when they gift one of these delightful tea sets.

Porcelain Tea Set for Two

This tea set is so pretty.  Note that it is a setting for two, and the ‘wicker’ basket is plastic for easy wipe down.

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

Ever Popular and Highly Rated

This set is on the budget end, but has been very popular and is highly rated.  It’s one you can’t go wrong with!

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

We hope you have found your dream tea set for the little girl or girls in your life!  As one of the best gift ideas for a little girl, a tea set will never grow old.

With Love from Tea Party Girl xo