If you are a tea lover who happens to be on a gluten free diet you may be frustrated.  It can be hard to find the right combination of taste’s great goodies for your next tea time menu.  Never fear!  Tea Party Girl is here.



Here are a few Gluten Free Options that I personally recommend to make your tea time menu shine!

1. Coconut Sugar-

Ok, I have to tell you upfront that I was skeptical.  My assistant (who is living Gluten Free) swore to me that Coconut Sugar tasted good and she was right.  In fact, you can’t tell it is coconut at all!  So feel free to use in IN your tea or in your sweets with great success.

There are recipe books as well that will help you plan your coconut creations.




Try The Spunky Coconut Cookbook by Kelly Brozyna  .  This book offers Casein free, gluten free and sugar free creations that will work well with afternoon tea.



2. Nu Stevia –

A personal favorite I have used this form of Stevia for years.  It is great in tea hot or iced.  You can also bake with it although you will want to use the baking version.  NuStevia is not available everywhere so I recommend you grab it online.  It does not have that terrible after taste that most stevia’s do and it doesn’t foam in the cup. (also a great relief.)

Stevia is an all natural herb that is much sweeter than sugar.  You will want to take it easy when you first sweeten your cup. Try a little and then add more as needed. NuStevia can also be added to sparkling water with a twist of lemon for a refreshing garden tea time drink.


3. Iveta Scones – Gluten Free

Iveta long known for their delicious scone mixes has just launched a line of Gluten Free mixes.  They are simple to make and really a good choice when it comes to a tasty treat.  Many times Gluten Free scones are hard, dry or tasteless.  Not these!

They come in a variety of flavors including Apricot, Raspberry, Lavender, Vanilla and Blueberry.




4. Gluten Free Cake Doctor – Recipe Book

If baking is your passion then you will love the quick and easy recipes that the Gluten Free Cake Doctor offers. Author,  Anne Byrn shows how to transform gluten-free cake mixes into 76 rich, decadent, easy-to-make, impossible-to-resist desserts.

Examples include: Tres Leches Cake with Whipped Cream and Summer Berries, Almond Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Ganache, Caramel Melted Ice Cream Cake, Warm Tarte Tatin Apple Cake, plus brownies, bars, muffins, and cookies.  All recipes use gluten free cake mixes and ingredients! YUM.


Need additional gluten free recipe inspiration?  I highly recommend the http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/


Gluten Free Goddess has tons of recipes that would be great for afternoon tea including English Muffins, Tea Breads, (sweet and savory) Muffins, Scones and more!


Tea Party Girl Asks: Are you eating Gluten Free?  If so, what is your favorite tea time treat?

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