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Halloween Tea PartyIt’s that time of year again! The time of year when pumpkins start being carved into spooky faces and put out onto the porch. It’s the time of year when delicious spices get added to your favorite teas or coffees and it becomes acceptable to eat candy before dinner. It’s a lovely time of year and is filled with a lot of fun! A great way to celebrate this wonderful holiday is to host a Halloween tea party with your nearest and dearest.

Hosting a Halloween tea party allows you to celebrate this fun time of year, while doing what you love.  Drinking tea and eating yummy food with your closest people! At Tea Party Girl, that’s pretty much our motto!

Before you start planning, you might want to think about how you’re going to decorate.  You’ll want to plan the types of food and drink you’re going to serve at your party.  This way you can order your decorations and Halloween party supplies ahead of time without the last minute rush!

Organizing the decorations and choosing the food and drink you’re going to serve at your party is one of the really fun parts! Here’s some ideas to get you started and thinking about what you’ll need!


Decorations are arguably the most important part of your planning! Getting your decorations right can really add to the atmosphere of your party and take it to the next level! Below is a list of decorations you might want to consider adding to your list for a truly spooky, fun party!

Tea lights or fairy lights

These are great if you’re having an evening party as they create a really lovely glow! This is especially great for a Halloween tea party since you can create an eerie, spooky atmosphere!
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Halloween themed teacups

This one is usually a crowd favorite! Serving your guests tea in really cute spooky, fall, or Halloween themed teacups is a great way to keep the Halloween theme going!

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Fake spiders or other creepy, slimy animals

Do you want to go wild and really spook your friends? Adding fake spiders and webs is either a fantastic idea or a terrible idea depending on your crowd, so we’ll leave this as a maybe!
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Accessories for your guests

This next one is again a bit of a know-your-crowd thing! But another cute option is to get some accessories that your guests can wear! Think witch hats, ears, horns, anything really that they can wear without ruining their own outfit!

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Bowls and glass ware

There is something lovely about serving food or drink in a nice bowl! It doesn’t have to be too fancy, even just a nice bowl, or even a themed bucket can add to the feel of the party. As for Halloween, it might even be cute to get some themed glass wear! Imagine serving iced tea out of a glass pumpkin or spooky head? Sounds pretty fun to us!

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Some other suggestions for decorations could be some quirky themed table runners, jack-o-lantern decorations, as well as some spooky music! There are so many more, these are just suggestions to get you started. So get thinking about how you might want your Halloween Tea Party to look and feel!


Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins! It’s time to take advantage of this and make a ton of delicious pumpkin related food! Think pumpkin scones, pumpkin pie, pumpkin petit fours, everything pumpkin! Of course, there is so many other food options that are not pumpkin related that go wonderfully with the Halloween spirit!

Decorated cupcakes are a wonderful idea.  This is because you can decorate them anyway you like and they are normally a hit with guests.  Even adults love them! They are so easy to eat.

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You could even serve fruit that’s been cut into cool shapes! As you can see, with a little imagination, anything can go with the spooky Halloween theme!  If you’re interested in some Halloween themed tea party food and drink, head over to the Tea Party Girl Facebook page ( for some recipe suggestions that will be posted next week!


Imagine all of the delicious teas that will go nicely in a Halloween tea party theme! All those delicious dark chai’s you have been waiting to pull out of the cupboard, well now is your chance! This is also a great occasion to bring out the earl greys and the rich black teas that you put away! Other options could be making pumpkin spice milkshakes or other delicious Halloween drinks for your guests! Yum!
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Enjoy your Halloween Tea Party!

There are so many ways to host a Halloween tea party.  And there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to how you decorate or the type of food you serve! It’s important to have fun with it and remember that you’re hosting a tea party because you want to spend time, drinking tea with your closest friends!