What do you do where you find yourself completely lost and transported from responsibility and distracting thoughts?

My children memorize poems in their grammar program. This is one of them.


Work while you work.
Play while you play.
This is the way to be happy each day.
All that you do,
Do with your might.
Things done by halves are never done right.

The work of hosting events takes all our might. From the comments left on a recent post about hosting and the search engine results since Thanksgiving, many of you are working really hard to host your December tea events. For some of you, this is your first time, which can be the toughest because you don’t know what to expect. May you be encouraged that each time becomes easier as you learn the work hosting a tea requires.

And, in this season of work, don’t forget to play. Do you know how you like to play? It seems the older we get, the harder this can be. Part of it may be a good thing: maybe our work is sometimes play, a tremendous gift of adulthood to be sure. But more likely, we have let go of a place where we get utterly lost, independent from our current daily roles.

I played last Friday night. I spent money, traveled far, stayed up late, and lost my voice so I could play. It wasn’t about being practical, rational, or even tasteful. It was raw, loud, sweaty, and crowded. But I was utterly lost in the delight of it all. Because Tea Party Girl loves to play with rock-n-roll. (I think it TAKES this much stimulation for my brain to actually hush up for a spell). And for the record, I liked Relient K almost as much as Switchfoot. After all, they played an homage to my favorite 80s band.


After your work, how do you like to play?

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