A beautiful table is only complete when lovely napkins are hand folded and placed on display. Have you ever wondered HOW to fold napkins? If so you will love this series of videos on the topic. Remember that open a smaller luncheon style napkin is used for afternoon tea. In order to make an elaborate “display” napkin you will need to use a 24 by 24 inch cloth.

A great source of affodable linen napkins is Ebay.com Look for napkin lots or wholesale napkin lots. Choose a color that will work for a variety of seasons and in a variety of settings. If you plan to use the napkins wiht a particular set of china make sure the linens compliment the pattern.

Need a creative activity at the table?  Teach napkin folding. Your friends will love it and kids love learning to fold too.

Want a unique favor? Try printing out folding instructions and attaching a large napkin for your guest to take home and practice with. Your friends will love learning this new skill.

Tea Party Girl Asks: What’s your favorite fold? Share it with us!