Fundraising and tea time go hand in hand. Do you belong to a club or organization that presents a topic or entertainment each month? If so, why not help your club raise money for your favorite cause with a Mystery Tea Party plan? Raising money is usually unappealing but a Mystery Tea Party is fun and unique. Party themes adapt easily to lunch or dinner and would work whenever your group meets.

Mystery Tea Parties have been used successfully by women’s groups to raise scholorship funds and churches have used them to raise money for missions. If you belong to a book club, doll club, quilting group, P.E.O, sorority, golf team or any other group a tea party fundraiser can be just the ticket to raise money. You can offer fundraisers for just about any cause: libraries, missions, home owner associations or support groups.

Tea Rooms across the nation offer Mystery Tea Parties as special features, and many inns and Bed and Breakfast homes do them as well. I’ts an extra venue they can offer that is different and fun. They lend themselves to these activities because they are so easy to do.

In this article I want to share with you an easy way to put together a fund raiser for your organization. Whether you are passionate about animals, children, elderly or the homeless, this step by step guide will help you raise money for your cause.

Here’s how to earn $500 for your favorite charity in your own home. It’s fun, easy and a great way to give back.

Step #1 Choose A Mystery Tea Party

Visit and find a party kit that excites you. Look for a theme that would work well with the people you know or the area you are in. For instance, which of these ideas would connect with your crowd?

Red Hats? – Then buy “Who Killed The Roving Romeo of the Red Feathered Ladies?”

Girls Night Out? Then buy “Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane”

Book Clubs? Then buy “Sherla Combs and the case of the Great Jewel Robberies”

Quilters? Then buy “The Case of the Crazy Quilt Caper”

Travel Club? Then buy “Mayhem on Maui”

Once you have chosen the perfect theme and ordered your kit the fun begins.


Step #2 Ask Your Guests

Call your friends, family and anyone else you know. Tell them you are on a mission to raise $500 for your favorite charity. Explain to them the project you are involved with and how they can help.

Ask if they would be willing to donate $50 toward the charity in exchange for a very special tea party! Ask if they have any friends who would be willing to participate while giving to a great cause. You will be surprised at how quickly you can find 10 guests and gather $500 for your charity of choice.

If your guest can’t donate $50 ask if they would find a few friends to give enough to add up to $50. Challenge them and tell them you know they can do it! (a good challenge can work wonders.)


Step #3 Assign Parts and Get Them Motivated

Send invitations, character descriptions, costume suggestions and rsvp forms to your guests. Be sure to remind them to bring their check made out directly to the charity. Have a basket at the door where they can drop their generous donation. (and don’t forget to mail it off the same day!)


#4 Plan Your Event

Follow the Mystery Tea Party planning kit. It will suggest possible menu selections, costumes and props you may need for the party.

Your friends will be donating directly to your charity drive but YOU will be donating your time, effort and food. Be sure to give it your very best. After all, you want this to be an ongoing fund raiser!


#5 Hostess the Big Day

Follow the directions in your Mystery Tea Party kit and host your event like any other mystery tea party. Be sure to take lots of photos and submit one to the paper when you are done. Include the names of the guests, the amount raised for your charity, why the charity is significant and how people can get ahold of you if they would like to give to the cause.


#6 Say Thanks

After your event has successfully ended, take time to thank your guests with hand written notes. Choose stationary that reflects the Mystery Tea Party theme and include a photo of the big day.


Fund raising has never been so easy! Start now.

Pick your date. This month? Next month? Special holiday?

Pick your charity. Humane Society? Red Cross? Teen Missions?

Pick your mystery tea party. Order online at


Tea Party Girl asks: Which mystery tea party will you host and for what charity?

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