The Tea Party Table Setting

Tea Party Table Setting


So you’ve decided to host a tea for your next event!  Congrats!

If your event is not a buffet, and each guest needs a place-setting. What do you need to know?

Here’s how to create your perfect tea party table setting:


  1. Afternoon tea, by definition, is a light meal.   Luncheon/salad plates are the best size to use.
  2. The teacup is placed to the right of the place setting.
  3. Turn the teacup handle OUT (pointing to the right of the cup) and the blade of the knife IN (toward the plate).
  4. Use only non-scented candles and lightly-perfumed flowers. Let the smells come from the food and tea.
  5. Try and find luncheon-sized (nine-inch square) instead of dinner-sized (twelve-inch square) napkins. Place them to the left of the plate or on the plate folded prettily or with a napkin ring.
  6. If you use regularly-sized butter knives, instead of smaller spreaders, knife rests are lovely additions and almost necessary. Your guests will find it difficult to rest the larger knives on the smaller plates.
  7. Other normal place settings apply. Use only the necessary silverware. Forks on the left, knives and spoons on the right. Water glasses sit on the right above the knife.
  8. Place-cards are a lovely, helpful touch.


Setting the table is my favorite part of preparing for a tea-themed event. I love to see all the pretty elements come together. Have fun with it and send us a photo!
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Tea Party Girl Asks: What one thing can you add to your home to help you set a pretty tea table?