We are often asked, “Where can I find inexpensive tea cups?”  That is a great question.  There are several resources that you might consider if you want to add to your tea cups and saucers collection.  Owning an assortment of affordable tea cups and saucers will come in handy for hosting tea parties for children, additional guests at an adults tea party, gifts, picnics, crafts and more.

In addition, some people have grown a business hiring out pretty crockery for tea parties. The business can also host and cater for the tea parties, depending upon the business owner’s intent for the business. More on this idea in another post…

Here are a few of our very favorite “go to” resources. Please note that some of these suggestions contain affiliate links, meaning Tea Party Girl may earn a small commission on any purchases made.

1. Amazon

No surprises here! But they don’t sound like a specialist tea or china or porcelain company, do they? However, with the online influence and effective ‘buying power’ that Amazon have, they can provide some truly competitive deals. Couple that with the fact that you can read what other people have said about the products they’ve purchased by way of Reviews, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect if you purchase a product from this heavyweight. Add to that the likelihood of qualifying for free postage, super-fast postage and great customer service (think : what will happen if you have a breakage during delivery?) and you’ll likely be very pleased with your tea cups purchase.

A Full Teaset

Sometimes it’s nice to have a full, matching set.  So, whilst this isn’t just cups and saucers, it’s a great foundation to build on. This is an incredibly popular set on Amazon at the moment.  Lots of people love it, so you might also! (I have it in white – so elegant! ~Sonya Michelle)

Perfect for a Breakfast Tea Party – so much to love about this British Royal Series complete Tea Set

Here is a photo of mine, in white and in use!


I used my white British Royal Series Tea Set for a recent Breakfast Tea Party when special friends dropped by!

Gracie China on Amazon

Here’s an example of a gorgeous set of tea cups and saucers, with a high customer review rating from quite a high number of customers. (I must confess – I own this set also! ~Sonya Michelle) :

Cheap Teacups and Saucers

Gracie China Rose Chintz 8-Ounce Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, Set of 4

Brew to a Tea on Amazon

Brew to a Tea (BTaT) have wonderful prices and ratings on their tea wares.  On this particular setting of 6 tea cups and saucers, below, they have 4.8 out of a possible 5 star rating!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better rating on a product!  They’re obviously doing something right.

Brew to a Tea are Gorgeous and have oodles of Top Reviews

No Nonsense Teacup and Saucers Sets on Amazon

These simple, no nonsense, fresh, crisp and white Teacup and Saucers Sets are also really well priced and have great reviews – achieving a 4.7 out of 5 rating.  From the brand Sweese, we think they’re super cool and ideal when you want to minimize your costs for an event, coming in at lower than most of the other sets they sit alongside. They’re also perfect for coffee!  A great set:


When you want lots at a Great Price, this set of 6 from Sweese are super popular with shoppers

2. Walmart and Super Savvy

Don’t want saucers at all?  Happy to simply have tecups with a handle at the most cost effective price possible? Look no further – we’ve found it for you. Bulk tea cups for less than $2.50 per piece – at time of writing.  CLICK BELOW to check the current price and remember to add postage and handling (which is quite reasonable, being Walmart)

bulk tea cups

3. Roses and Teacups

For a truly beautiful, feminine experience head over to Roses and Teacups any time of the day and night for some beautiful tea cups inspiration. Roses and Teacups collections are “to die for”, they have free shipping for orders above a certain, very reasonable amount.  We think the prices will really surprise you.  CLICK HERE

As well as a stunning range of inexpensive tea cups, Roses and Teacups also stock beautiful serving ware, stationery and all things Victoriana.  To Browse, CLICK HERE:

4. Magpie Marketing

If you are looking for British China then look no further than Magpie Marketing.  While Magpie is essentially a wholesale company their purchase minimum is SUPER LOW so anyone can probably find a way to work with them.  Here are a few examples of things they recently featured on their site.

-Mix and Match China Cups and Saucer Sets – Bone China $5 each

-Oversized Breakfast Cups and Saucers- Bone China $10 each

-London Design Teacups and Saucer (set of 2) – $8

5. The Teapot Shoppe

Recently brought to our attention by a valued reader, The Teapot Shoppe is doing beautiful things out of Atlanta, Georgia. They are an online retailer, have a huge range, a heap of experience and supply not only traditional teapots and tea sets, but also children’s tea sets and tea cosies.  They’re a great place to go for gift ideas.

6. Ebay Lots

Ebay has long been a “go to” place for china and may just have the largest selection of collectibles. We have found many tea cups on this site however, there is a key to saving money. Here it is! Always shop for wholesale tea cups lots. You will not only save money on the cups and saucers you will also save money on shipping.

Here are some recent finds :

– 30 piece set of Grosvenor china tea cups – $15.00 plus shipping

– 4 cups set vintage pink and gold tea cups set – $12 plus shipping

– 23 vintage Royal Albert tea cups. – $220 plus shipping (very collectible)

Tea Party Girl (Sonya Michelle) is particularly fond of china trios (cup, saucer and plate) and collects them for her Tea Party Hire business!  It’s not always a way to buy cheap tea cups, but sometimes gorgeousness is worth just a bit more!

7. Local Sales

Last but not least, you can always search for affordable teacup and saucer sets at garage sales, thrift stores and at Overstock.com

Affiliate Disclosure

Cheap Tea Cups and Saucers

Cheap Tea Cups Can be Found if You Know How

Is there somewhere we’ve missed? Where have you found teacups?  Leave a comment and share your strategy!