Or why Tea Party Girl knows more than the ‘O’ Magazine’s editors.


I continue to be amazed how often I hear people tell me brewing looseleaf tea is too much work. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me in an age of microwave popcorn, baby carrots, and tubes of minced garlic. But just like most of our products grown from the earth, when we let technology take out the prep work, the quality diminishes.

And while The Tea Spot receives high marks for a fancy website and an ‘O’ recommendation, may I encourage my readers that you do NOT need an automatic teapot to brew your tea. First, it only holds 20-ounces, scarcely three cups of tea. This is barely enough for one serious tea drinker, much less two. Secondly, the only step in the tea-brewing process it claims to take care of for you is removing the tea leaves at the proper time. So in other words, for $69.95 you can own an expensive, fancy timer. Which, I might add, won’t even work for green tea despite their claims, as most green teas are recommended to be brewed for two minutes and the automatic tea pot is set at a three-minute minimum.

Now yes, the teapot will take the leaves out of the water for you if you happen to be brewing tea while making your bed, curling your hair, sweeping the front porch, or whatever other multi-tasking you find necessary during brewing time. But as many wise tea lovers have stated, if you are too busy to wait the few minutes for the tea to brew, life is too busy and you’re the one needing to slow down and drink tea the most!

Granted, learning to brew looseleaf tea takes a little time. You may make a couple mistakes and have to ask a few questions. But may I encourage you that it is worth it! If you have any skills at all in the kitchen (Do you use knives? Pour milk in your cereal bowl? Know which buttons to push on the microwave?) you can brew looseleaf tea. It will cost you less and I guarantee, please you more.

Won’t you give it a try? And instead of spending $69.95 on the automatic teapot, treat a friend and support your local tearoom. Even this amount of money can purchase one afternoon tea for the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel in New York City; unfortunately, you will need to pass on the lobster, black truffle, caviar and a chocolate pot de creme.

If you need a primer on looseleaf brewing, be sure to read my article “The Beginner’s Quick and Simple Guide to Brewing Looseleaf Tea“. Or feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Fellow tea brewers, do you agree with my assessment of the automatic teapot? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.