Tea Time Tumbler For On The Go

Hi Everyone,

Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month?  That means it’s time to make yourself a pot of tea and enjoy it each and every day!  Here are a few of my favorite time saving ways to get tea done quickly WITHOUT using a nasty grocery store tea bag.

Ways to Cheat:

#1 Fill a large carafe or thermos with boiling water and use a large tea filter sock to brew your tea right in the thermos!  Access your tea off and on throughout the day.  It will stay hot for hours.  If you have an airpot that will work great too!

#2 Make a concentrate.  Brew your tea up ahead of time using 4 times the tea for 1 time the water.  Brew the same amount of time as normal.  You now have a concentrate.  Let the concentrate cool and sit in your pot throughout the day.  When you want a fresh cup of tea just pour a bit of tea into your hot water.  Try 2 TBS per cup of water to start then adjust to taste.  Simple, quick and easy!

#3 Use a tea tumbler with a removable loose leaf filter.  These on the go units are available in lots of stores and make it easy to take great quality tea with you on the go.  Look at Whole Foods and Amazon.com !


Tea Party Girl Asks: What are your ideas?  How do you keep the kettle burning throughout the cold days?