It all started on Sunday. I woke up and realized I was bloated….AGAIN! Frustrated, I looked at my thighs, stomach and butt and thought.. “Something Has Got To Be Done!” Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, a spa wrap was out of the question. It was time to get creative at home.

Here’s what I did:

The first thing I did was research a basic coffee wrap. While I am known as the “Tea Party Girl” my husband drinks coffee in the morning and I knew we had fresh used grounds in the house.

I discovered that coffee can be used to help remove cellulite and water retention in part due to its caffeine content. The coffee grounds can be used on the skin to pull fluid from places between the cells. If this was the case, tea leaves should also work as they are caffeinated and high in many health properties. Now I was excited! I decided to make my own wrap at home and test it out.


Gather The Following Items:

1/2 cup of new or used coffee grounds

1/4 cup of used tea leaves (black or green)

2 Tbs of olive oil

Plastic wrap


Large Trash Bag

Loofah Sponge

Water Bottle

Old Towels

Old Thick Robe

Book and Music Optional

Anti Cellulite Cream and or Self Tanner


Cut open your trash bag and lay it on the floor. Spread it out and make sure it covers a large area. Strip down and loofah the area you plan to wrap. Dry loofah the skin making sure the strokes go toward your heart to help with your blood flow. Your skin will become a little red. Now, that put on your robe and go to the kitchen.

Mix the coffee, tea and olive oil together and microwave for 20 seconds (no more!). Stir and head back to the bathroom. Remove your robe. Get your plastic wrap out at ready and make sure your scissors are at hand.

Take a small amount of the coffee and tea grounds in your hand and begin to apply them to your skin. Rub them in making sure they stick. Cover one full area then wrap that area with plastic wrap. Repeat on each area.

As you are applying the grounds much of it will fall on the trash bag. Don’t worry. You will get enough on your skin to work wonders. Once you are totally wrapped in plastic, wash your hands and put your robe back on. Wrap your body in old towels (on top of the robe) or in an old blanket and climb in the tub.

Rest for 30-50 minutes. Read your book and drink your water. (keep hydrated!)

When your time is up remove the towels and robe. Cut yourself out of the plastic wrap and throw it away. Use and old towel to brush away all the tea leaves and coffee grounds from your skin. Your skin may be indented but you will feel a new softness.

Once your skin is brushed off feel free to put on your robe and clean up your mess. Make sure to sweep any of the extra grounds off the floor and throw away your trash bag.

Jump in the shower and rinse off in warm water. Massage your skin in the areas that were wrapped. Dry and apply your self tanner or cellulite cream. Your skin will feel great.

Personally, I start to notice a difference within about 6-8 hours. For some people it may take 24 hours. Be sure to continue to drink lots of water. On occasion you might get a bit of a heart palpitation or headache after your wrap. I take this as a sign to drink more liquid.

I do not recommend taking on a project this size without a couple of personal hours. It takes time to wrap, unwrap and clean up. For best results do it twice a week. Your skin will look and feel awesome!

**(please note.  I am not a doctor and do not play one on tv.  I am only sharing what I did.  If you are concerned check with your own doctor first.)



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