Monica Naples

Have you ever wondered if tea could be more than just a hobby for you?  Could the passion you have for loose leaf tea change the world for the better?  Monica Naples of asked herself these very questions.    Originally from Texas, her love for the leaf was discovered during her studies at University in Austin.

A seed is sown

“I started experimenting with herbals and progressed to sipping black tea for those late night study sessions,” It didn’t take long for Monica to get hooked.

“I found this beautiful small book called, The Book of Tea.  It had tea recipes of favorite cultural tea drinks like chai and Russian Caravan.  I started making these teas, and that broadened my knowledge on different types of black teas. ”  Soon Monica was dragging her roommates to cafes to try new teas.

Monica Naples, Online Tea Retailer

Today, Monica Naples owns AR-T Teas in SE Queensland, Australia.  Her online tea company is committed to producing unique and socially responsible loose leaf teas which are organic and/or fair trade.  The blends range from black to green to herbal and are enjoyed hot or cold.

While most mornings you will find Monica with a cup of strong chai,  AR-T’s most famous tea is titled, Lavender Grey.  This Earl Grey tea adds a touch of organic lavender and rose petals resulting in an ultra soothing cup.

Unique from the start

Each of AR-T teas is hand-crafted in small batches. This meticulous process ensures buyers ultra fresh tea shipped nationally and internationally.

Monica’s botany background blends her considerable knowledge of essential oils with her skill at hand blending teas.  In fact, when you order tea from AR-T you experience a unique work of art.  Monica handles everything on her website.  From print materials to growing and sourcing ingredients.  Her passion is poured right into your cup.

The future for Monica and AR-T

Eventually, “my real dream is to own a tea sanctuary; a place with beautiful gardens that people can come to retreat from the hustle of the day and relax with a beautiful cup of tea in comfy chairs in the garden and tea house.”  Until then, Monica continues her mission to provide quality loose leaf tea to the masses around the globe.

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