Old Time Movie Tea Party

Does the idea of spending time with friends and watching old movies sound enticing? Turn this activity into a tea party and invite your favorite guests to watch your favorite old movies. A few refreshments and some relaxing teas can make an old movie night one to remember. Base your party on a particular movie or around the classic movie theme in general. Depending on the time of year, you can choose a movie based on upcoming holidays or the seasons. Old-time romances are great for spring and summer (or any time of year, really!), epics go well in winter, and many old thrillers offer a scare using good old-fashioned suspense at Halloween.



The definition of old movies may vary depending on whom you are talking to, but generally, any of the classics will do. Many of the old movies are much longer than today’s films, so be prepared to settle in with an abundance of tea and refreshments. Keep your party to a reasonable size so everyone can enjoy a comfortable seat and a good view. For something different, rent a movie projector and show the film on a wall or screen. A local university media department, rental shop, or camera store may offer this option.

If you want to do more than watch the movie, invite guests to dress as characters from the movie, play trivia games about the film, have a “movie search” for famous quotes, or host an informal discussion afterward.



Decorations for this type of party can be minimal, since you will be sitting in a dim or dark room for most of the party. However, you can dress up the party by hanging posters from old movies or cutouts of movie stars. Include movie-inspired decorations throughout the room such as a director’s chair, megaphone, a “Hollywood” sign, or strip of red carpet for your guests to arrive on. Use your imagination!



While guests arrive or while you serve refreshments prior to starting the movie, play some background music. There are wide ranges of music compilations available that are movie related, such as great movie love songs, famous themes, and so forth. Visit your local retailer for options. You may also be able to find the soundtrack from your movie of choice, although this may depend on how much of a “hit” the movie was and is.


Invitation Ideas

You can create your own or purchase pre-made invitations that are movie themed. Invitations designed like a movie ticket are fun, or you can include a picture of your favorite classic movie star or stars. Using an invitation that pictures the “Hollywood” sign can also be fun. For alternatives, look for invitations that show a collage of movie-inspired themes, such as lights, cameras, clapboards, award figurines, or “walk of fame” stars.



Popcorn is of course the movie staple food, but there are many other options as well. You may want to stay with finger foods, however, as these are easy to eat while sitting and go with the overall movie them. Nachos and candies are popular movie foods, or offer other easy options such as mini-quiches, baked goods, or finger sandwiches. Whatever you choose, keep the food simple so that you’ll be able to watch the movie, too, rather than worrying about the food!



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