Want a Halloween-specific theme for a tea party? You can find it here at Double, Double, Toil and Fun. Why it’s at TradingMarkets.com, I couldn’t tell you.

It’s a little buried but if you visit the link for this description of a Literary Tea and scroll down, you will find an article by Brenda Shipman. She incorporates Pride and Prejudice, which I recommend everyone try as a tea party theme at least once. The theme of a literary tea is one of my personal favorites and can really work with almost any treasured book. The first tearoom I experienced in the mid-90x before tearooms were as sought out used Anne of Green Gables for their theme. Now, that was a treat!

Be sure to head over to Steph’s Cup of Tea and enter her comment contest to win some of her Serendipity Tea. Her list of autumn teas will make your mouth water, I guarantee it.

I’m off to help facilitate two different events in the next twenty-four hours: the Mom’s Night Out I wrote of on Tuesday, and serving and selling tea at a friend’s Shabby Chic sale all day tomorrow. I plan to post pictures, it will be well worth it, so look for them.

See you Monday~