Jasmine tea is made from green tea (rarely Oolong) infused with Jasmine flowers. This aromatic tea has therapeutic properties even simply in its aroma. The scent of Jasmine has a calming effect which can help with pains from headaches to muscle aches. Only 150 grams of tea per month can do wonders at preventing strokes. Consumed in Ancient Asia, the combined calming effects of Jasmine Tea increase these benefits.

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Serve with a meal for enjoyment and health benefits.


This green tea dates back to the Sung Dynasty in China (1,000 years ago), and there are no doubts why it’s still a favorite. Used throughout Asia to prevent and cure ailments, it has traditionally been carefully prepared. It’s uncertain from where the tea came before it arrived in China, but it was mainly reserved for royalty for quite some time.

Jasmine leaves must be picked when the flowers are beginning to open near sundown, and the flowers are added to the tea leaves. Once picked, the flowers continue to open, releasing the aroma into the tea leaves. The infusion takes several days. Some Jasmine Teas, however, are simply made with a high quality jasmine essential oil, flavoring or a combination. Be sure what you are buying when selecting your brand of tea.

In China, Jasmine Tea is still seen as a welcoming gesture, much like other teas in areas of Great Britain and Ireland.

Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

Like most teas, it is reported in studies that this ancient delight reduces cancer and aging. Loaded with antioxidants, it improves immune system function and circulation. Jasmine Tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants that detect and destroy free radicals in the body. Catechins are known for preventing serious diseases and help regulate good and bad cholesterol. The tea also helps regulate sugar levels and is helpful for diabetics. Because of its added flavor, it’s more likely to be consumed in larger amounts, and therefore be more beneficial to the mind and body.

Jasmine Green Tea has more antioxidants than Black Tea, based on its limited processing. Its aromatic effects are comparable to that of Lavender. Its aroma is reported to reduce stress and calm the mind. It serves as a helpful remedy for headaches and muscle aches. It improves digestion and metabolism, and also reduces the risk of cardiac issues. Lastly, but not least, its aroma can actually act as an aphrodisiac!

Too much Jasmine or Green Tea can actually be harmful during pregnancy, so caution and moderation are important for those who are expecting.

How to Make Jasmine Tea

As with any tea, this tea is best prepared with high quality, filtered water. Bad water can make even the greatest of teas taste sub-par. Water should reach 190 degrees Fahrenheit but not boiling, added to a tea ball with about one teaspoon of tea per cup of water. The tea should be steeped for about three minutes. It should be noted that “flowering tea” is quite different, as one “flower” generally makes one cup of tea.

Over-steeping Jasmine Tea can cause the flavor to seem bitter or astringent, but it’s important not to steep too quickly, as this can diminish the flavor. If astringency occurs, lower the steeping time or temperature. Due to its floral taste and aroma, one will likely want to drink this tea straight without added honey, sugar or milk.

“The beauty of enjoying Jasmine tea is that it is both flavorful and aromatic. Be sure to “stop and smell the flowers,” when consuming this floral tea, as there is simply no other way to enjoy it to its fullest!”

Delightful Pairings

Because Jasmine Tea is somewhat acidic, it’s best to consume it after a meal or with food. Since it is usually made from Green Tea, it can be very beneficial to digestion. It’s great to pair with fried foods as the tea can cut through the oils to aid digestion. Other great pairings include chicken, vegetarian meals, ice cream, white chocolate and fruit.

Where to Buy Jasmine Tea

As always, we recommend selecting your teas carefully – we recommend not purchasing from the supermarket! Choose a tea that has been sampled and highly rated by other discerning tea drinkers, and from a reputable producer. To save you the time doing all this research, Tea Party Girl has selected and recommended two very good options for you – one in tea bag form (for those times you’re a bit busy) and one in Jasmine Pearl Green Tea form (a truly lovely way to make your tea).


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Keeping Your Tea Fresh

The aroma is the most essential part of this beautiful tea, so it’s especially important to keep this tea in an airtight container, in a dark place. Keeping it in a plastic bag can cause moisture to create mold, and it can cause the tea to lose its aroma and flavor. Storing your Jasmine Tea responsibly will insure it’s freshness for a year or longer.