Scone A well prepared “tea party” host or hostess, will always have scone mix on their shelf.   But what is your party calls for a different flavor scone mix then then one you have on hand?  What if you need a savory scone to go with that salad course?

Never fear.  Tea Party Girl is here.

Tea Party Girl recommends always having at least two Victorian House Scones mixes, Oatmeal and Original recipe.  Victorian House comes in a large 16 scone size offering you the option of a double batch.  In addition, Victorian House Scones offers a newly printed Users Guide to Scone Making with Scone Mixes.  This small guide is chocked full of suggestions that will help you customize your scone creation.  The guide also includes a few photos to help you along your way.

Oatmeal Scone Mix will allow you to create the following ideas:

Oatmeal Apple

Oatmeal Apple Cheddar

Mock Irish Soda

Oatmeal Raisin or  Oatmeal Cranberry

Oatmeal Pumpkin

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Delicious Scones

Original Scone Recipe is super easy to use.  Here are some fun ideas:

Earl Grey Flavored

Coconut Milk

Winter Squash


Almond Cranberry

Ham and Cheddar


Each batch can be custom adapted from the basic scone mix.  You can even divide the dough into halves or fourths and make a series of flavors for your guests.  Original Recipe requires 1 1/2 cup of butter and 1 C buttermilk to form the base of the scone mix.  The user guide makes suggestions on how to add ingredients and customize your flavor profiles.

Want to have some fun?  Host a baking party.  Buy a set of mixes and allow your guests to compete for the most original scone creation.  Bake them together, sample and score, but don’t forget the tea!

Victorian House Scone Mix can be purchased at

Their User’s Guide is also available on their site and is highly recommended.  Be aware that this is a small guide but it is chocked full of helpful information for both the novice and the advanced scone baker.  Make scones, freeze them and bake when needed.  You will always be prepared with the perfect scone no matter who your guest.

Want more?  Click here FREE downloadable recipe card from Victorian House Scones


Have an idea?  Share your favorite scone creation in our comments.