Scones. They go with just about everything.  But they are at their best when enjoyed with a cup of nice hot tea.  Whether your preference is regular, time tested and true old-fashioned scones or you are into adventurous new exotic flavors, The Scone Lady has the perfect scone for you!  The Scone Lady is Debbie Anderson, owner of Victorian House Scones. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


Lady Dawnya:

Hi, everyone. Welcome to a Tea Party interview.  I am always thrilled to be bringing you some new and exciting things to do with tea and today we’re not actually focusing on tea itself we’re focusing on a companion article. A companion item that often goes hand in hand, and it’s not toast. So I would like to introduce you to The Scone Lady, from Victorian House Scones this is Debbie Anderson. And Debbie, welcome!

Debbie Anderson:

Thank you. I’m happy to be here.

DS: It’s great to have you. Victorian House Scones is the name of your company, right?

DA: Right.

DS: And where are you guys located?

DA: We are located in Lafayette, Indiana.

DS: Are you a retail location?  I know we’re going to talk a little about your website, so you do have a website.  If people are listening to this and are in Indiana is there a place they can actually drop by?

DA: We don’t actually have a retail location. Our retail presence, so to speak, is our website. What we are primarily is wholesalers and manufactures of the scone mix and then we sell to tea rooms, gift shops, B&B’s and so on.  So they can go ahead and retail our mixes, or we also sell commercial size bags for them alone so that they can go ahead and serve scones to their guests.

DS: Fabulous, okay so let’s step back here because Debbie has agreed to let us in on a secret. Now some of you may actually be listening to this broadcast and have this question on your mind and that is “What is a scone?” Now Debbie do you ever get that question? What is a scone?

DA: I get this question all the time and of course if I say to someone “Would you like a sample of a scone?” they look at me like “Why would I want to eat rocks?” because they assume I said stone. A scone actually as I tell them is a biscuit, primarily; it’s more a biscuit than a cookie or a cake.

Its origins lie in the British Isles, be it Scotland, be it England. And where I first found them is I had a father who, when he was doing traveling, would pick up books at airports. He tended to pick up Miss Marple mysteries. And then he would hand then to me when he got back so I grew up reading Miss Marple. And if you ever read British mysteries, they solve everything over tea and scones. I still never knew what a scone actually tasted like. But I knew they were very cool and obviously enlightening.

Tea Party Girl Asks: Have you ever tried Victorian House Scones?  If not, what is YOUR favorite scone recipe or scone company?  Comment and let us know!