With digital camera photos. Will you be able to bear it?


Do you know what you love? Once you find it, you’ll be ready. I’ve been making a home for fourteen years and have never owned a sofa table or buffet. Now I do and I love it. It was worth the wait.


It’s worth it to make friends with creative people. My friend, Tammy, takes rejects and makes them beautiful. When she told me she was holding her first Shabby Chic Yard Sale, I knew I would score. See the painted stripes inside the drawers? And the robin’s blue tablecloth was a find at the sale, too. All this beauty? Purchased with $187 and lots of patience and waiting. Know what you love and wait for it.


For inspiration, I thought I’d show you a little of my tea cupboard. On the top you can see the way I store my tea. Mom gave me this idea. Red teas, or rooibos are in the red tins. Green tea found in green tin. Black teas in silver. The first thing I do in the morning is grab one of those silver tins, pull of the lid, and inhale deeply.

The bottom shelf shows my children’s favorite mugs (“I want the bumpy cup!”) in one of my favorite colors, and the white mugs I reach for again and again. I bought the white mugs in my wedding china choice (as young 20-somethings don’t give much china for gifts) on e-bay. The more expensive china is worth it. I love the feel of the handle in my hand and the thin-lipped tilted edge of the cup, faithfully delivering my brew each morning.

If I could only grab two things from my home to take with me in an emergency, besides loved ones, these two items would be the first in line.


I think I could conquer almost any trial as long as I wasn’t cut off from my new Dell ruby red laptop (dubbed Scarlett, as in O’Hara), and my ruby red tea carafe. Everyday, I fill my liter carafe with my favorite tea, and take time to write. It really is true, you find time for what matters to you the most. The bathrooms can wait and please don’t judge my character on the state of the interior of my car.

I posted this entry today to take part in The Lazy Organizer’s Talk About Tuesday blog carnival. Feel free to join us for the fun. Also, Tea Party Girl, and a gajillion other foodies posted their autumn-themed recipes yesterday at the Expatriate’s Kitchen for The Great Pumpkin recipe carnival. You can also find Tea Party Girl at Apollos Academy this week for the homeschooling carnival. See how tea finds its way into all kinds of cultures?

So, what two things would you grab from your home as you ran out the door in an emergency? Please share with our Tea Party Girl community in the comments.