If you have ever wondered what the most popular green tea is, wonder no more. It is known as Sencha. Ironically, the Japanese translation of Sencha is “common tea”. Yet, Sencha is anything but common. In fact, there are many different types of Sencha tea, which make it a very colorful, fragrant drink to experiment with.

Because Sencha is often processed in a varying amount of ways, there are all different sorts of this tea. You can purchase it in a budget grade, or you can buy it in an extremely fine grade known as Tencha. Because of the differences related to its processing, Sencha’s smell and taste will vary. No matter how good the grade is, however, all Sencha teas have a flavor that is pleasing to the taste buds and pleasant to the sense of smell.

Sencha tea can be very cloudy with a grassy scent. It can also tend to be astringent. On the other hand, it can also be clear and sweet tasting. The best way to determine the grade of a particular Sencha tea is to observe its color. For example, green Sencha tends to taste sweet and vegetal, and smells sweet as well. Silver Sencha has a very deep green color – deeper than green Sencha – and it has a much more superior flavor than green Sencha as well. Gold Sencha has a grassy aroma, as well as a rich tasting flavor.

Sencha tea can be consumed with a wide variety of foods. It is a tea that is common to drink at any time during the day – morning, afternoon, or before retiring to bed for the evening.

More than three quarters of all tea made in Japan is Sencha tea. Many regions in Japan harvest Sencha tea. Among the most popular of these regions are  Shizuoka,  Fukuoka, and  Kyushu. People admire this tea for its freshness and rich color. Years ago, Sencha used to be prepared by roasting. However, today it is treated with steam before it is processes with hot, dry air and pan-frying. Typically, Sencha tea is vacuum packaged at the location in which it is processed. This way, once it reaches the United States or another country, it has all of the freshness you could possibly expect in a tin or bag of tea.

Sencha tea is known to have a wide variety of health benefits. Containing no fat, carbohydrates, or calories, it is a pure source of healthy vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. It has been proven that tea is rich in antioxidants, and therefore helps to protect the human body’s cells and immune system. Tea is also known to promote long life and help defend the body against the aging process. It is almost like finding the fountain of youth in your tea cup! It is to your benefit, then, to promote this wonderful kind of tea. Sencha tea will surely bring a cup of happiness into you and your tea party loving friends  lives.