Matcha green tea benefits your entire human being as a whole. It’s healthy, it’s calming and it’s easily available to you. Use your creativity to get cooking on some unique matcha recipes, and feel happiness wash over your life. This isn’t imagined.  The Matcha green tea benefits you’ll experience are worth their weight in gold. Read on to find out how Matcha benefits your body, mind and soul.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Protect and fuel your body. Matcha is an incredible addition to any healthy diet. It’s exponentially better than drinking simple steeped green tea because you’re able to ingest the entire leaf with every molecule of goodness it holds. Some of those molecules of goodness include:

Tons of antioxidants in a much higher concentration than you would get consuming steeped tea. These antioxidants help your kidneys and liver flush out impurities. This helps your immune system focus on extreme free radicals, and keeps you extra-healthy.

Anti-cancer properties help you do everything you can to stave off troublesome tumors.

The best of the matcha tea benefits surely stem from the fact that this tea is in a powder form. That means you can add it to almost any dish or drink and create an entire collection of your own matcha recipes. Think wonderful things like; matcha cake, matcha smoothies or a creamy matcha latte. The potent green tea flavor translates deliciously through almost any medium, even whipped cream and icecream!

Matcha Green Tea Benefits in a Swiss Roll

Matcha Green Tea Benefits in a Swiss Roll


De-stress your mind and increase your energy. The benefits of Matcha green tea extend past your physical body and reach a mental level. An active in gradient in Matcha, called theanine, helps the human brain chemically cope with stress. It stress-relieving properties act instantly, and its benefits increase when one regularly consumes the beverage. Lower stress levels free up more energy for the mind to spend on concentration, focus and memory. When you feel less stress, you also experience better sleep. It’s a positive upward spiral!

In certain people, regular consumption of Matcha tea showed an increase in energy exertion and efficiency. That means that those who drank the tea regularly were able to put out more energy during physically daunting tasks. They also were able to put that energy out for longer as compared to those who never, or rarely, consumed Matcha green tea. It’s not exactly like Popeye’s spinach, but the benefits of matcha tea are pretty close.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits include Energy and Increased Endurance

With body and mind in balance, Matcha tea benefits your soul. Of course, this is not a miracle cure for all of your individual life issues. It’s an addition, an enhancement, to give to your days a fighting chance against the pressures of modern life. When you take time to regularly enjoy matcha green tea, you see your health and well-being blossom like a well-tended garden.

The entire experience of drinking this simple beverage gives you the opportunity to take a specific chunk out of your day and dedicate it only to you. Whether you enjoy it with company and create a tea party everyone enjoy, or simply brew a pot to enjoy with yourself in a favorite tea dress, the time is well spent. Reflect, contemplate and think the thoughts that make you happy while enjoying something that won’t pollute your temple or undo your exercise routine.


Experience Matcha Green Tea Benefits with These Ideas for Matcha Recipes

Do you dislike hot tea? Iced tea is always an option with Matcha, as is a cold latte.  Recipes coming soon!

If you’re still not down to drink a glass of tea, but you want the Matcha green tea benefits, then keep reading for a couple of recipe ideas to get you started on your culinary adventure.

Matcha green tea powder adds a very distinct flavor and striking color when used in recipes. Keep in mind, the more matcha powder you put into something, the brighter green it will turn. This can make for a lot of fun, just be prepared for it.

Since matcha green tea benefits are super concentrated in the powder, you don’t need to add a lot to your recipes. Don’t ever exceed more than a few tablespoons, unless you’re going for a pretty strong bitter flavor.

Here we recommend a very highly rated best seller, which is certified organic and made in Japan.  You may like to try it for yourself :

Experience Matcha Green  Tea Benefits at Home
Experience Matcha Green Tea Benefits at Home

For Something Sweet

Add two tablespoons of Matcha green tea powder to cookie recipes. If more is desired, substitute tablespoon for tablespoon in place of flour. Do not exceed three tablespoons per regular batch of two dozen or so cookies. The same applies for matcha cakes.

For Something Savory

Make a matcha sauce. Start with freshly brewed matcha green tea. Put it in a two-quart saucepot and place on the stove. Slowly bring to boil and thicken with cornstarch or flour. Flavor with corn syrup or other sweetener and serve over white meat. The flavors combine well with a crisp salad that features strong vegetables and sweeter dressings.

For a Snack

Stir some matcha green tea powder into your cream cheese before you spread it onto your bagel or muffin. The green tint will delight your eyes as much as the flavor will delight your taste buds.

“Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, following these tricks lets you experience matcha green tea benefits to their fullest potential.”