Special Birthday Party Ideas

Special Birthday Party

Children’s parties are on the rise, and the most popular gathering of all is a special birthday party.   The question is, does hosting a birthday party have any actual benefits for children?  The answer may surprise you.

Hosting a special birthday party offers many benefits.  The key is teaching children celebrate and something greater than themselves. In Western society, we often think of a special birthday party as a self-centered gathering.  Here parents spend far too much money to impress our friends.

Now is the time to start a new tradition!  Make every birthday party count!

Here are five beneficial ways to throw a special birthday party for the child you love.

1. Choose A Charity

If your child’s room is already filled with rarely used toys, a charity party may be the perfect solution.  What does your little one love?  Animals? Children? Toys?

Together, choose a charity that your child will be excited to support.  Instead of a gift, ask the guests to bring something for the project.  For example:  If your child loves kittens ask your guests to bring cat food, beds, treats or litter to your party.  Each of these gifts can be delivered to the Humane Society at the end of the special birthday party.


Children learn the importance of giving and helping others.



Msterio.org (formerly HappyDoll.org)




2. Teach Something

Make learning fun by choosing a slightly educational party theme. These might include:  Mad Scientist, Children’s Tea Party, and Etiquette,  Painting by Numbers or Astronomy.  The party can be held at home or in your backyard.  Use games or invite a special guest to teach the children in a small group.

Special Birthday Party

You can host children’s tea parties

See Children’s Tea Party Business


Participants learn something new in a fun and hands-on approach.  (Not to mention, they put away their electronic devices for a while!)



A Craft as part of a hosted tea party

Behind the Scenes Tour (like a chocolate factory or firehouse)

Zoo Tour

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

3. Combine It With A Memory

Are you planning a special trip or vacation?  Why not plan a special birthday party at the same time?  Birthday parties don’t have to include friends.  Keep it simple by spending family time together at a unique location.  This might include a trip to Disneyland, a camping or fishing trip or even a family picnic.


Gifts are rarely remembered.  Trips stay with us a lifetime!


Water Park

Amusement Park

Rent an RV

Visit to quirky roadside attractions (Like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine)

4. Get Physical

Get the kids moving by planning a special birthday party at a gym or laser tag/paintball facility.   If you’d rather spend the day outside plan a hike to a distant waterfall, lighthouse or seal cave.  The key is to get the children moving.  Be sure to plan active games that make the day seem like a treat.


A device free day filled with sunshine and the great outdoors!  Kids learn teamwork, social skills, sportsmanship and a feeling of accomplishment.


Outdoor carnival – set up games like hot potato and sack races

Zipline adventure

Paddle Boarding

Mini Golf

5. Discover The Arts

Why not plan a very special birthday party for your child and a close friend.  Buy tickets to ballet, play, musical, concert or ice skating gala.  This intimate party offers your child a chance to dress up and expand his/her art appreciation.


Build a passion for live staged events and open a new world of possibility for your child’s future.


Mystery Dinner Theater

Disney on Ice

Renaissance Festival

Community Theater


Remember, hosting a special birthday party is less about the money and more about the experience.  If you are on a tight budget, find simple ways to celebrate and let your child know up front what to expect.

Birthday parties do not need to include guests.  Family only parties are still very acceptable.  Parties with classmates are fun but often expensive.  Pre-plan your options and ask your child which type of gathering they would prefer.

Focus on the benefits of hosting a special birthday party and help your child appreciate the simple things in life.