Where do you spend the majority of your days? Is it a place of beauty? Where, even in an office cubicle, can you set aside a corner of beauty for a spot of tea?

Mine depends on the season. Currently, I take my cup of tea to the back deck in the quiet of the warm morning, sit on the Adirondack chair and listen to the chorus of baby birds ask for their breakfast. My place is not my ideal~there’s no table for setting a pot or plate~and I would rather sit in an upholstered chair like a Mary Englebreit character than wood, but I can’t complain. It’s a spot of beauty in my chaotic life of feeding, bathing, schooling, and cleaning up after children.

How can you bring beauty to a spot? We talked earlier this week about the choice of teacup, now consider the place. If you work in an office or cubicle, do you at least have a photograph of beauty to gaze upon that allows you to escape in your own mind and heart? (I’m not sure a screen-saver counts). If you are at home with children~do you have a sacred place that is just yours? Is it a place children can only invade when invited? How can you make it a spot of beauty to sit down with a cup of tea on a routine basis?

Please feel free to post a comment and tell us about your “spot”.