Tea For One Like You’ve Never Had it Before

Hello, it’s Sonya Michelle, Tea Party Girl here, showing you a whole new way to take tea for one!

I have something to show you today that I’m very excited about. It’s one of my treasures.

The kettle has just boiled and I’m about to make a cup of tea showing you how I would make it with my special Chinese tea cup. You may have seen these tea cups before, but I think they should be “out there” more than they are, because they are just fantastic for brewing healthy teas for an individual. I think everyone in the family should have one. And I’ve started a bit of a collection, so just let me show my couple of my tea for one teacups today.

My Tea for One Chinese Tea Cup Treasures

Okay. So, what I have here is my teacup with its own little lid and its own little ceramic or porcelain tea strainer. The holes are rather large, so if you use a very small particle tea, it is going to go through. It really is better better suited to large, loose leaf tea. Some say you can put a teabag in it, but I don’t know why you’d really bother. I think this is the opportunity to use a lovely, healthy fresh tea.  And, obviously, the set has a lovely teacup for drinking from.

Easy Tea for One

Easy Tea for One Parts

What I particularly like having in this teacup – or this type of teacup – is I love a rosehip, a lovely rosehip, with hibiscus, pomegranate – that kind of tea. I tend to drink this type of tea in the morning. It’s very fruity, very uplifting, very — oh, my gosh — what can I say. It’s just so lovely to drink. It’s not, strictly speaking, a tea by definition, is it?  It’s a herbal tea. But, that’s okay, we’ll just use the word tea loosely today!

So, just put the tea strainer in position. I’m using a nice heaped teaspoon of the herbal tea here. It’s actually got little apple pieces in this particular one. And I’ll go and get the boiling water and fill it up. Now, you can use boiling water in this tea, as it’s a herbal. And, then, what you’re able to do is just pop the little lid on and leave that for a few minutes.  As you get to know your favorite tea, you’ll determine your own steeping time to suit your taste.

While that tea is steeping, I’ll show you my other tea for one treasure. Now, this is one I just found today. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just found it – I haven’t used this one yet. Look how beautiful this is.

Tea for One All in One

Tea for One All In One Parts

It has its own little handle on the lid. Look at the gorgeous detail on that. I guess that’s hand painted? I don’t know. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any manufacturer identification marks on the bottom, so I have no idea. So, if anyone out there recognizes it, let me know!

You can see that the strainer is a little bit different from the first one I showed you, as it has no holes on the sides, just on the bottom. That really isn’t going to matter! And a gorgeous, gorgeous teacup.

The only thing I would probably say is I find it a little less easy to hold by the handle.  You know, how it’s kind of nice to get your fingers through all the way? But, it just looks pretty, it really doesn’t matter!  The cup is just a beautiful, beautiful cup. And it’s very, very fine. Once again, it’s got a lovely, fine lip there. I like drinking tea from a fine lipped teacup.  How about you?

Types of Tea for the Tea for One Tea Cup

What I’d put in this tea cup, once again, is one of those large, loose leaf teas. Something like an oolong that has the full, larger leaves that are not going to go through the strainer.

When I was first introduced to these cups, it was by a Chinese fellow that I was working with in the United States. And he was drinking oolong from a tea cup just like this. I was so taken with the tea and the arrangement for making your own tea from loose leaves that I asked him all about it, and he gave me some oolong to try. And, yes, that’s where I picked up drinking oolong and I just love the cups and I absolutely love oolong.So, now, I’m starting my own collection – of both Oolong and these beautiful Chinese tea cups.

Try For Yourself

This is something you could consider to drink lovely, fresh, loose leaf tea and have one for every mood, one for every decor and one for everyone in the family. Then, you can each have a different tea if you want to.  When I ask my family “Would you like a cup of tea?” and they say “What are you making?”, I say “Whatever you like!”

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have found these two treasures in my favorite Op Shop (opportunity shop, thrift shop, depending upon where you’re from)  and they’ve cost me next to nothing. But, you can also obviously buy them from lots and lots of different locations. You could get a matching set if you wanted to.  I’ve just purchased one for my Mum/Mom 🙂 for her birthday next week – shhhhh!

But, anyway, let me have a look at that other tea in the first teacup. That should be brewed now. You’ll have to watch the video to see that it’s a lovely, lovely rich color. Take the lid off and rest it upside down on the counter, take the strainer out – and a few of the smaller bits have gone through, but it really doesn’t matter – and look to see how beautiful is that? See you next time!

A Few Tea for One Sets for You to Browse

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